Industrial development of traditional culture

Date of publication:2011-3   Press: China Commercial Press   Author:Yu Zezhong, Lin 日葵, Xu Shuibao   Pages:178  

Yu Zezhong, a visiting professor of College of Humanities of Zhejiang Gongshang University, chairman of the Zhejiang Championship holding group company and Zhejiang Championship Zodiac cultural creativity limited company. The course of my life from the South Bank of Qian Tang river sail, 46 years ago, I was born in Hangzhou an ordinary Xiaoshan people; 26 years ago, I had to learn the hard way, into the dream of the University, began to pursue the ideal in the construction of the palace of art; 21 years ago, I with enthusiastic across from the University, on the social service road; 16 years ago, with their own efforts I have the honor to enter Zhejiang laiyinda Real Estate Company threshold, this is a milestone in my life journey; 11 years ago, his life experience and experience, to seize Xiaoshan merged Hangzhou this historic opportunity, I set up his own company, dug into the the first pot of gold in the development of the cause, so as to become the people usually call the "boss"; 6 years ago, in order to adapt to the development of market economy the company formed a group, began to explore the diversification of the ways and means; more than 2 years ago, I try to do some research and Thinking on China traditional culture, decided to set up the zodiac cultural and creative company, also a dream began to realize the life. Can proudly say, my life is full of vigour in Hangzhou Xiaoshan this place as a starting point, after more than ten years to carve, has built a good platform for development. When I realized China ancient "Kuahu bridge culture" in his side, a long history and feel has the responsibility to spread the hometown, heritage of Chinese civilization and zodiac culture. Therefore, the research and development of China traditional cultural products has become a new turning point in my life.
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Fourth, our culture or other sign of the zodiac, traditional culture or, only with the combination of cultural and creative industries to go further, this is without a doubt. Now, unfortunately, our "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "journey to the west" story story, now the animation film, very good but people abroad. We are also very worried. If they took us to the "a dream of Red Mansions", "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" instead, what can we do? I think only with the cultural and creative industries combined, will have the prospect of development. Then, we set up the championship Zodiac cultural and creative company, want to sign this culture, the traditional culture and modern culture and creative industry together, so as to give it a kind of vitality. In my opinion, cultural vitality lies in its innovation, you need to have more vitality, innovation, creation is a kind of new vitality, only they could let the culture further growth. Even if it is a very traditional things, innovation will also provide an opportunity for its development. I think there is a cultural penetration and public acceptance issues. We are doing some preach. I often talk about a point of view, are you going to penetrate them, first you have to get them to accept your. If they don't listen to listen to, you always tell him the lofty ideal, core value, every time you told him about this, he did not accept you, no action. Zodiac culture of bravery, kindness, "true, good, beautiful, witty, intelligent, flexible", each sign of the zodiac represents a meaning. After these things he accepted, your culture infiltration. In fact, an animal represents a kind of outlook on life, values, we can give it the meaning. There is a problem, the influence of culture is the need to spread. If there is no communication, no influence, this communication requires a form of love to see and hear, so that people can accept this form of expression. Fifth, I think the function of culture, first is useful, if not used, this force is not play. So in these respects, Zodiac culture only with the cultural and creative industries combined, will become more perfect. Animation or animation, or, we may produce a series of derivatives or, like this. For example, we come out with a cat, the cat cat may wit, brave, clever cat. Like a dog, but also to draw. Adou Ki this kind of things, both material and spiritual intention, intention.
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Preface: in the development of traditional culture industry seminar on the speech, traditional culture industry development two, the development of cultural industry, to explore the traditional cultural products three, in-depth study of traditional culture, for national rejuvenation, on four creative cultural heritage and cultural industry in five, Shu Xiangwen and industrialization, to explore the six Zodiac culture and the seven sign of the zodiac culture, national spirit and national character of eight, on the establishment of Chinese Zodiac Culture Festival on nine, "the Chronicle" signs and script writing, thinking of ten Zodiac culture products overseas promotion of eleven Chinese Zodiac culture city, thinking of twelve, Chinese Zodiac Culture Museum thinking of thirteen, Chinese Zodiac Culture Village (the theme park) thoughts on Appendix: Chinese Zodiac culture theme park planning PK reference @##@ postscript Xiaoshan has a long history, profound culture, as early as eight thousand years ago, human beings have lived in this field; to create the cross Lake Bridge has a long history of civilization. In Xiaoshan this magical land, cross Lake bridge cultural, more culture, tide culture, ceramic culture, sand culture and the local culture add radiance and beauty to each other, influenced generations of Xiaoshan people, not only has sprung up like Xi Shi, Aichi Aki, Ren Bonian such historical and cultural celebrities, but also created a "Ben competing not interest, Li Yong forefront of" the spirit of Xiaoshan, making Xiaoshan have been walking in the forefront of reform and opening up, economic and social development leading, become the province and even the country's "leading wild goose, vanguard, pioneer". In the rapid economic development, Xiaoshan district government attaches great importance to the development of cultural undertakings, the full implementation of the "Ten Golden cultural project", promote the development and prosperity of culture. Especially the starting point in the new round of development by leaps and bounds, Xiaoshan the development of cultural industry as a breakthrough in Xiaoshan elements of the bottleneck, accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development, an important way to promote economic transformation and upgrading, devote, foster.
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