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"Heaven (Bing Xu volume)" is devoted to the study of Chinese traditional culture of academic papers, including Chinese traditional culture and religion, Confucianism and Christian Dialogue, the ancient China Buddhist culture and thought, Dunhuang literature and ancient China thought, Fanba literature and ancient oriental thinking, respectively. "Heaven" to open a garden, cultivate a garden, for those who work hard in the original academic pursuit of fellow world, provide poetically take one's ease home. Indeed, "heaven" is the dream of home, so, as long as we the hard toil of life still by the dream of the lead, as long as our busy life and also hear the dream calls, we are the ploughman the garden, is "heaven" master. "Heaven" is based on the traditional, open to all fields of traditional culture. "Heaven" is not intended to distinguish between "traditional culture" or "cultural tradition", not to distinguish between the so-called "Ancient Chinese Literature Search", the so-called "sinology". "Heaven" on the continuation of the traditional, traditional, open tradition. "Heaven" is not only in the past and the present, something no more, and advocated by the full width of the tradition, based on the globalization of the world historical perspective, the road for a while, Geng torch and continued the life of wisdom.
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Cheng Gongrang, doctor of philosophy. Professor, vice president, director of the Capital Normal University Institute of politics and law, religion and culture research center of Capital Normal University Department of philosophy, Tsinghua University center of religion and ethics research fellow. Has published three monographs, collating a, published more than 20 papers. The main research areas in Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern Chinese Buddhist history, history of thought China Buddhism, Brahma, Han Buddhist literature collation and comparison research, China philosophy history. The collated and published Mr. Zhou Shujia's "the Qing Dynasty Buddhism historical album release" one book, provides valuable references for studying Buddhism history of Qing Dynasty scholar. Monograph "no Buddhist thought of Ouyang Jing" and "Ouyang Jing" for the twentieth Century study of non Buddhist thought important Buddhist Ouyang Jing without his life, academic and ideology, do in-depth research; written a series of papers or excavation on the modern history of Buddhist thought some of the information, or the Buddhist thought and modern Chinese philosophy relationship, more complete study of modern China Buddhism thought. Henry Fok has presided over the young teacher foundation project "consciousness of Buddhism and China traditional philosophy", the National Social Science Fund Project "" all contain theory "concentrates on the exploration and the new translation", and the new century excellent talent of Ministry of education support project "Sanskrit Buddhist Study and China Buddhist philosophy", in the study of these projects, try from Sanskrit Buddhist Sanskrit Buddhist literature reading and the prospecting perspective, solve some of the problems Chinese ancient Buddhist history. Monograph "decision on authenticity -- no Buddhism thought of Ouyang Jing between" Beijing city won the seventh excellent achievements in philosophy and social science award. The modern Buddhist Studies and Sanskrit Buddhist studies by scholars.
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Words from Christianity and China culture Zhao Dunhua: Christian ethics and Confucian ethical Zheng Ande: "Ma Yinqin research China name Dou Si" -- the Christian God for Chinese traditional religious ideas: on the nation's owl? Worship and its historical evolution Ding Jin: "religious myth origin of Buddhism and China culture Zhou Guangrong Zhou" six Officer: all Tan, achievement also? The widespread use of it? Study of Sanskrit word -- and Zhou Qi Tiantai the progenitor language view: Bian Jihua Qing reflection on Confucianism and Confucianism biography: Buddhist karma in the peak of Ming and Zhao Mengpin Xia Zhi: "Shurangama" cases of interest and late 明曹 Dong Zong wind -- natural monk "Shurangama" as the center at Gong Jun: resistance adjustment -- with two case in Modern East Asian Buddhist tradition and political relations as the center of Li Guangliang: "ignorance" concept of Buddhism Taoism study Li Gang: life philosophy of Taoism and Its Enlightenment of Wang Zongyu to the contemporary people: "is French by chapter 官品" of Liu Yi: "smile on" cited code book Chronicles Kobayashi Masami: Study of Taoism and Taoist by law order system of Zhou Xibo: Dunhuang written volume BD.1219 Taoism vulgar talk on contents of Zhu Yueli: the test 'Zhong Lu Jin Dan faction: Wangwu mountain above really yuan sect continued examination -- Taoist Jindan 派易图 learn Sanskrit religious texts of Cheng Gongrang: "Yang Mei Vimalakirti the" new products, and reveal the problems related to: ASampleoftheDvisatikalottaraandtheDvisatikalottaravrtti lakes crescent Graduate Forum: Mei Jianhua alive. The field investigation -- Liu Junhua, Hubei province Zigui County folk ritual body dead: "Xunzi ceremony of" religious thought of Wang Wei: the myth of God and the dynasty of Xia Shang Zhou change "heaven" of "heaven" manuscript writing format
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Zhao Mengtiao (1254 - 1322) relationship with Buddhism, some scholars have already studied [2], but more emphasis on the Sutra, inscriptions, calligraphy and painting correspondence relationship with buddhism. On the relationship between him and Jackson and influenced by Zen, still need to deepen. Based on the "peak monk Guang Lu" included in the discovery of his French as the center, cross reference and other materials, to make a comprehensive study to Zhao Mengpin and the Jackson's association. As discussed the content and the literature value of Zhao Mengpin and in the peak and letters, and on the basis of the existing research the letter re recorded text and textual criticism. A, Zhao Mengtiao's biography of Zhao Mengpin's life story is mainly seen "history" volume one seven two, "Zhao Mengpin", "Yang" ("carve little snow vegetarian set" appendix). The following mainly based on the literature, the life slightly introduced. Zhao Mengpin, the word Zi Ang, No. the snow road, Crystal Palace road and no.. Song Taizu was the son of Zhao Kuangyin king of the seed of Zhao Defang, his father 秀安 V King Xi is the Southern Song Dynasty second emperor Xiaozong's father, Zhao Bogui Khan in four for his brother, the living in Huzhou (now Zhejiang Wuxing), and for the people of Huzhou. Zhao Mengtiao was born in Song 理宗 treasure you two years (1254), childhood intelligent, reading guomuchengsong. Fourteen year old father of hereditary officer, Ren Zhen, Secretary for households to join the army. After the Song Dynasty, homebound. From the Song Dynasty (1279) to Yuan twenty-three years (1286), Zhao Mengtiao had five applicantsIn front of the opportunity, but to give up the. [1] yuan twenty-three years, Yuan Shizu stable Jiangnan people, send Shi Shi Cheng Kui - Fu to the south for the talents, Zhao 孟频 was called for, the generation's favour, make the sitting right Cheng Ye Li. In second years, but also granted Hyobu doctor. In twenty-six years (1289), married Guan Zhongji of Wuxing for his wife. In twenty-seven years (1290), moved to Jixian straight degree. For a long time in the side, fear of being jealous, please fill the calendar, in twenty-nine years (1292), Ji Nan Lu as the Explorer house. The first year (1295) into jongwon FOK Chun, was recalled to Beijing repair "Shizu record", August to Wuxing from disease. Here have moved the Fen state state, but not in office. Dade two years (1298) spring, also called a "Tripitaka" before writing, and returned to Wuxing in July. Dade three years (in 1299), Ren and Confucianism lift, this time in Zhejiang, Suzhou, and southern Zen monks have connections. To two years (1309) Ren Man Yin, moved to Taizhou, but not in office. The following year, he and his wife Guan Zhongji, and John Lin Shidu degree, or after the Jixian Shijiang degree. Injong enthronement, continue to be reused, bachelor officer to academician Cheng Zhi, Rong Lu Dr., Zhigao know in history, from the products. In the Yuan Dynasty the Canaanites status, Zhao Mengpin to the officer to a product, is extremely rare. You extended for six years (1319), leaving home, the Road tube lady died of illness. To rule for two years (1322) died in June 16th in Wuxing. Died, and was posthumously Wei Gong, Shi Wen sensitive.......
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Christian ethics and Confucian ethics on the comparison of the nation's Owl worship and its historical evolution of adaptation and resistance "smiled on" cited code of bibliographical research of Taoism by the research method tutorial and Taoist rank system "new translation of the Buddhist Vimalakirti" reveal products and related problems
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