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Date of publication:2006-8   Press: Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Xu Haoran   Pages:284  

"The main content of Hao Ran teahouse" is divided into five articles about beauty why not artificial; love but a bowl of noodles; love story love cheat; love doubt; love will not catch cold catch cold; no wins divides; dog; Dan Feng Jie; not the governor? The light does not shine; have said.
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Xu Haoran was born in laterite plateau Yunnan, the ancestral home of deposit Yumizhixiang Hubei, reading to root imperial Beijing, once worked for Guangdong Guangdong land...... Now 汀苏 radio and television senior editor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nanjing Normal University and other colleges and universities and part-time professor, tutor of master, doctor of management, the national top ten TV host, the "golden microphone" award winner, member Chinese TV Artists Association, member of the East Writers Association plucking of news works have won the first prize, Chinese prize in the same radio and Television Journalism Award, the national five project prize such as more than 50 national, provincial awards, Jiangsu provincial government has been awarded the "outstanding young experts" title in recent years in the "people's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "modern" and other newspapers published papers, reports, essays in literature two million words, or editor has first witness "creation", "witness", second "cultural industry management", "unique", "focus interview woman" six books "Oriental", in the long-term, "Modern Express", "Guangzhou daily", "new" modern pictorial press to open the personal columns.
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To make a love wisdom TV series see first opening tea language and willing to put down (on) down and willing to (in) down and willing to (the) Hao Ran's law I 18 and I 60 behind the honor a dream place to start the second series tea beauty why not love but a bowl of noodles can be made in a piece of love love love love cheat question will catch no wins divides the pet dog Danfeng street not governor? The light does not shine to say television loud TV. Isolation of SMS number old beard egg, beginning or end? If there is no Mars? Simple blessing hands cost happy where blue sky as function street light and arrowhead water tie selling baby you are my face the death of Radix Isatidis frog color fading mobile phone image doctrine "beauty" as our economic system to all third pickled cabbage and loses "sad" consumption a package is also a disease Fu to find happiness...... Fourth tea fifth tea appendix
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Yeah, sometimes like also indistinct, so I must rely on behalf of our Chinese culture medium to high environment of Zen to talk about this thing. I usually like to watch some make me enlightened Zen story, is also the case in the end, sometimes also entered a state of zen. I ask you have seen or heard of "down" of the story? Sweet B: people do not know, anyway, I haven't, you say it. OK, say there are two monks, teachers with a little disciples came down from the mountain to the priest, came to the foot of the hill, a depth but steep river cross in front of us, both teacher and student were crossing the river, suddenly came to a beautiful girl, by now the argument is a PLMM, the girl gentle and poor to the teacher said: "teacher Hello, could you please do me a favor?" The teachers asked: "what is it?" The girl said: "I used to cross the river, the river is not so urgent, today see not go, can you please master back my past?" The teachers do not hesitate to say: "come on." Then he put the girl back up. Across the river, after saying goes forward, after walking for a long time, there has been no talk of little monk suddenly asked: "master, we a monk is not nearly often?" The old monk said: "yes ah." The little monk asked: "just how do you also go back to that woman?" The old monk: "what a woman?" Monk: "that you back across the river." The old monk: "Oh, you mean the man, I have set her down, you haven't dropped?" People a: that this story with your choice of what? Let me talk about my own story. That was fifteen years ago in July, on a sunny afternoon, a young man rolled over and over in the first middle school of Kunming the open, green lawn, then took out a pen, in "the first volunteer bar entrance examination table" fill in the "Beijing Broadcasting Institute" a few words. Ten days later, from school to home to the Annunciation of the classmate say, his college entrance examination scores five hundred and thirty-seven points, ranked Kunming in first place, Yunnan province is the "third". This result can easily register "Fudan news", "North Chinese" any famous colleges popular professional. However, the eighteen year old boy with no regret. Perhaps because it is a choice, your choice. Maybe, just like TV., in the "school" fill up "behind the major TV director".
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