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Date of publication:2010-11   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Yu Yuxian   Pages:379  

"The multi-dimensional research literature and culture of Fu" is focused on the Six Dynasties Poetry, and then catch waves upstream, expanding the research space, continue to explore the trajectory. Six Dynasties "discusses the inheritance and development of the evolution of Han" Fu literature and culture, influence of Tang and Song poetry, the influence on later writers, re-examine the Fu's creation achievement. Study on the relationship between CI and Fu two body back in Qin and Han Dynasties, Chu style evolution and explore new style Cifu confluent; tracking consideration of Chu Sao spirit and artistic brilliance in the offspring of accept propagation. The broad view, new ideas. The book consists of subject research, study writers and works, Fu Fu Feng theory research, inherit the communication research, contemporary Fu study in five parts, from different angles to pursue development footprint of Cifu, to investigate the influence of social culture on Cifu development, as well as in the different time poetry reflects what kind of social cultural phenomenon, show the interaction between the development of Fu literature with the specific time of social culture.
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In 浴贤, female, born in 1949, Fujian Zhangzhou City, graduated from the Fujian Normal University Chinese department, has taught at Zhangzhou Normal University, Quanzhou Normal University, Professor of School of literature and Communication Institute, Quanzhou Normal University, Fujian Normal University, Zhangzhou Normal University China Fu study, ancient literature master's tutor. Vice President China Fu society, director of the Institute Chinese Qu Yuan, vice president of the Chinese Research University in Fujian province. Long term commitment to teaching and research Chinese ancient literature, academic papers published more than 80 articles; Fu in the research aspects especially Qin, had attended the academic seminar in Ji'nan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Nanjing, Zhangzhou, Sichuan, Lanzhou, Kunming held the eight international Fu, Fu study published more than fifty research papers, publishing Fu Study Monographs on the "Six Dynasties" a.
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Total order order order two first series theme path, a history of the Han Dynasty Fu footprint love Fu "rise and fall of Luoyang Fu" bird's eye view of the Six Dynasties Ji Xing Fu prosperity of Yongwu Six Dynasties prosperity in the Six Dynasties Fu brilliant music and dance after see recognition level -- the Six Dynasties Jing Dian Yuan hunting cultural implication of a group like the life style -- on the Jin and Southern Dynasties hermit Fu "Xu Liang Wu Fu as the origin" value of second The Inklings, see the heart of Fu Writers on Wang 粲赋 on Lu Ji Fu Wu on the complex of Xiao Tong in the eyes of the Tao Yuanming years Jiang Guan Yu Xiang Guan Fu move -- Review on Ouyang s Fu 詹赋 ecliptic weeks comments on Fu Huang Daozhou Sao third Fu Fu Feng theory, explicit public morals. On Liu Xie's criticism of Western Jin Fu Han culture of the Six Dynasties Fu fresh air "sorrow", "blame" the theory of emotion and Six Dynasties Fu thinking characteristics of Liu Xie Fu Theory -- from the lack of Wei Jin Fu song about harmony and unity, freedom -- the features of early Tang Fu Fu on the characteristics and causes of fourth Fu evolution, inheritance and influence of the Six Dynasties lyrical Fu Poetry in early Tang Dynasty influence -- take life as the theme of Liu Zongyuan's Fables essays on the Six Dynasties object chanting Fu lessons from Sao See the Han Chinese people to Qu Sao the acceptance and spread of "soil does not meet the" Lisao interpretation and realistic significance in Han Dynasty on Cao Zhi to accept the review and thinking of Qu Sao spread fifth contemporary Fu Wen Fu history from "new trend of the history of the northern and Southern Dynasties History" Fu Fu Wei Gu Fu Xinsheng, Yangwei endeavour Weihai Fu Yan 其麟 "-- Comment on" high mountain gorge scenery infinite deep, spectacle -- a review of Yan 其麟 "sheep" Fu Taishan City Fu "Phoenix Nirvana Qian" -- on the contemporary rhyme prose prosperity postscript
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Another theme of Han Dynasty Fu is human love affair. These works also are few in number, we can only see Sima Xiangru's "Ode to the beauty" and signed by Song Yu "Deng Tuzi fond of beauty". Two Fu content and form are very similar, but the integrity of content and form, "Fu" should be a stroke above. "The problem with Deng Tuzi fond of beauty" of copyright ownership has been mooted, this is to "Ode to the beauty" a representative, try to analyze, or may have the effect of Li canal. "Ode to the beauty" to write an East women's "cloud hair Feng Yan, pretty eyebrows and white teeth, Yan Sheng color Mao, King 曜光", very charming and gorgeous. This woman to Sima Xiangru love, struggling to pursue, "Deng yuan and Wang Chen, three years in Yi", but as to pay no heed, ignore. After the phase such as travel between 卫溱 Zheng Wei, encounter on the palace lounge woman, this woman "flower Yi Li, Shu matter Yanguang", "weak bone muscle abundance", is the allure. The woman boudoir alone, lonely and helpless, sad old son, see from afar, and bold courtship. The first song is to tease, then "jade hairpin hanging his crown, Luo Xiu Fu Chen Yi", "bedding prepared...... To dear Chen ", want to marry. However, such as "pulse is, heart is in my arms, take an oath devoutly, Bing Zhi did not return, but exalted, and that long speech". Works with a lot of space focused on the performance of the two women's beauty, love, in love on the warm, bold and active. East women's three years of hard falls in love, One's resolve is unshaken. pursuit, how much dedication, be passionately devoted; the palace lounge female pursuit of love is more bold and active, even without scruple. Desire and clinging boudoir woman to love, reflects the feudal system of young men and women love life exhaustion and depression. Fu wrote two act very touching love story.
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