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Date of publication:2008-08-01   Press: Ningxia children's Publishing House   Author:Cai Guoying   Pages´╝Ü193  

Mom, when I grow up I will "mother" you, there is a joke, you are in my brother and me and said dozens of times -- when dad saw between the parents and children's stories from the television or newspapers, or hear the dispute between surrounding who the older and younger, he would a sigh, and then look at my brother and me, as if thinking of sth. to say: "we do not know the two son grew up to control whether we." Whenever this time, you always make fun of half seriously half of my brother and I said: "when you grow up, must be filial to your father, he is a person money to support our family. I don't have a job, you are down, you can ignore......" Mother, although each time you are to make fun of tone, but we after listening to heart some uncomfortable: in the home, you always for my sake, for the sake of our total, see themselves very light, feel oneself are farmers, are illiterate, is a drag...... Mom, today I borrow this essay opportunity, very solemnly tell you: "Mom, when I grow up I will keep you! Not for anything else, just for you is my mother! For you this decades of extraordinary hardship and toil." Ever since I can remember, you seem to have no idle.
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Love sky mom, I will "tube" of your brothers be deeply attached to each other, President of one family beacon for the sky of life the taste of happiness to love the bowl with the mother's "lies" angel silent love to father a letter from my father night Xinyu immeasurably vast difference connected that after growing up, I tore the heart and Wang Lan the notes of life ugly father wake up call dad's hair white love, eternal untitled song propped up a blue sky of hope mother tired strong mother love not fade for hand grateful heart Love Go Daddy, I remember...... To accompany the life hand in hand with incomparable father love tolerance between my mother worry, dear mom and Dad, mother's Day is coming, you reiax vindicating leisurely motherliness touch love harbor honey bees know your attachment long lost love those that love, tears gift love such as the air understanding maternal imprinting my parents for farmers maternal love is priceless really love you return the kindness I take what to give you the heat circle of love warm rain smile mom dad life grateful heart longing heart sad life of peace loving scenery motherly instinct dribs and drabs fatherly sunset shadow love has no end "filial piety" activities in May sunshine. Brilliant achievements make gratitude a beautiful life tree, from the heart @##@ Long City family. This is a condensed the millions of teachers and students at all levels of leadership and the effort and sweat collection, is the young students moral education textbooks with love and passion. "Filial piety" is divided into "primary school", "junior" roll roll, "senior high school", "University" roll roll, a total of 271 students selected for parents letter and speech during the "filial piety" activities. "The good filial first, middle volume" as one of the "volume" of junior middle school.
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Honor your father and mother month activity, is an affectionate look back to tradition, in place of traditional activities, is a by advocating the children perceived parents' kindness to learn personality construction activities, is a shape to the heart to the United States to help the children with mental adult significant educational activities.
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