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Sha Zhou, China Guangdong Yangjiang people, was born in 1943. China Poetry Society member, member of Guangdong Provincial Writers Association, the famous historical experts. Visiting professor of Guangdong Province as the old experts social academy studio "China 100 villages" series. Guangzhou press "Guangdong topography, village history" series editor. In 2005 won the Chinese Ministry of culture, the national cultural information resources construction management center issued a certificate of honor, and was included in the "National Digital Culture Website -- masterpieces" column. Author of short stories, "the storm", novel "River", "love" etc.. Also the author of several works of Guangdong area, known as Guangdong local materials, has been the Guangzhou library collection. Now the research for decades of unremitting, in this part a family names "".
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"Family names" in ancient records of "Zhi Yi", this is "family names" textual research; history lovers must read, read a precise, so. "Ordinary people" said from the folklore of "family names", but the family names originated in history known as the "at the beginning of the week big enfeoffment" period, the beginning of the week sealing system is resolved by fundamental watershed.
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The analysis is according to the Qing, Xiang "surname surnames in the original order in" surname Zhao money sun Li Zhou Wu Zheng Wang Feng Chen Zhu Weijiang Shen Han Yang Zhu Qin Youxu He Lvshi Jin Weitao Jiang Qixie Zou Yu Zhang Kongcao Yan fa...... Choose "on" the original surnames which today's common name in reference @##@ appendix Name is a sign of blood is a symbol of family system. According to statistics, the total number of Chinese nation from ancient times to the present, the name has reached nearly 12000. Every family has a history of express volumes, every family name has produced many leave a good name throughout the ages celebrity. "Family names" is popular in China the longest time, spread a textbooks of the widest range of. "Family names" in the main origin surnames "notes" each name, can make the readers better understand each surname origin and history.
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