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My teacher Mr. Umpu's "the four books" "first published in 1989, published by Jilin publishing group. After the publication of the book, have better reaction in the community, in the study, dissemination and popularization of Confucianism has played a very active role. The Changchun press reprint books, adjusted form, most main is the original book One divides into two., into "explain the famous" (Analects of Confucius) (report of "University", "doctrine of the mean" to explain), "explain the famous (Mencius)" two books published. Mr. Wu advanced in age, poor eyesight, so the editor Mr. Zhang Zhongliang told me about the Analects of Confucius "and" a book that, I feel duty bound. "The Analects of Confucius" as Confucius speech assembly, is one of the most important Confucian classic. However, "the Analects of Confucius" name when it started, He Hanyi, and now there is no definite said. Some commentators have pointed out: "'The Analects of Confucius' this name might not be his name, but later on. "Analects of Confucius" to describe Confucius speech, probably is the 'theory of language'." ("the Analects of Confucius said, high honest introduction") in the "Analects of Confucius" altogether 20, Department of Confucius disciples and followers according to Confucius words directly recorded and hearsay finishing. The formation of the "Analects of Confucius" and stereotyped experienced a relatively long process. When the Western Han Dynasty had three versions, one is this text "of" Lu, two is this text "Qi Theory", three is "on" the ancient prose.
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The Pu Han, Jilin Tonghua people, born in 1925. In 1948 graduated from the Northeastern University, a former researcher, Department of philosophy and the history of China assistant China Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Marxism Leninism teaching and Research Office Director, Jilin industry university research Chinese philosophy history department Jilin University professor of philosophy, history society Chinese philosophy first, the two or three session of the Standing Council, President of the Jilin Provincial Institute of philosophy, the two or three session of the first executive director and research Chinese philosophy history.
major works: "Cai Yuanpei anthology edited", "Chinese datong thought data", CO editor of "history of philosophy. Chinese data" (Song Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty, modern volume volume, volume), "Chinese philosophy history compendium" (1 - 4), CO translation "Soviet Philosophy History" (second volumes) "book of changes, writing -- ancient China pattern of the world", "four books" "," China history of modern philosophy "(,,,). In addition, published "Renyilizhi letter and modernization", "Chinese modernization challenges Confucianism modernization" and other more than 30 thesises.
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The "four books" Confucian learning and the first government in two eight rows of third Li Ren fourth Gong Ye Chang Yong also sixth and seventh of the fifth Talbot eighth son rare article Jiuxiang party tenth advanced eleventh yen yuan twelfth road thirteenth constitutional question fourteenth Weiling Gong fifteenth season's sixteenth Yang seventeenth micron eighteenth Zi Zhang Yao nineteenth Yue twentieth appendix a university in Appendix two to the doctrine of the mean
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Translation 12.17 Ji Kang asked Confucius about government. Confucius replied: "politics, that is. You use it to lead you, who dare not." 12.18 Ji Kang worry too much about Confucius thief, how to do. Confucius answer says: "if you do not want more, even if the reward steal, nor are they do." 12.19 Ji Kang on the government asked Confucius said: "if the wicked man killed, so that people tend to be a person, how?" Confucius replied: "your government, why want to kill? You should do good words, people naturally follow the good. The gentleman virtue, like the wind, the villain virtues such as grass. Grass encounter wind naturally fall." The 12.20 son of Zhang Wendao: "people do can be called up to?" Confucius said: "what you say is what mean?" Zi Zhang said: "in a country famous for a country, in a famous in a." "This is the smell of which, is not reached. The so-called Da is simple honest and love righteousness, good at running, deliberately under others. In a country can achieve in a country, in a home can reach a. The smell is pretending he looks, but actually doing it is exactly the opposite, own also to those itself without doubt. Such people in a country will enjoy undeserved fame, in a necessarily enjoy undeserved fame." The 12.21 fan Chi with Confucius in 舞雩坛 next outing, fan Chi said: "I would like to ask how to do to advocate moral, remediation evil and discrimination doubts?" Confucius said: "your question very well! To get the job done, and then look at the actual benefit, this is not advocating morality? Political own demons, not political others evil, this is not punish evil? Because of a momentary resentment, forget oneself and parents and fling caution to the winds, it is not doubt?" 12.22 fan Chi asked what benevolence. Confucius said: "is the love." Ask what is intelligence. Confucius said: "is you." Fan ch'ih didn't understand. Confucius said: "choose the honest man, to recall the evil person, can make the evil man straight up." Fan Chi out, met Tzu Hsia, said: "just now, I saw the teacher asked what is the wisdom, the teacher said: 'selection and honest man, to recall the evil person, can make the evil man straight up', what does this mean?" Zi Xia said: "it's content! In ancient times, when Shun to rule the world, from the crowd personnel selection, appointment of the Tao, heartless people not dare in front. When the soup to rule the world, from the crowd in selecting talents, the appointment of Yi Yin, (so) unkind people would not dare in front."......
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"The Analects of Confucius" is China ancient thinker, educator, founder of the Confucian school Confucius speech assembly, is the Confucian classics, is one of the classics Ancient Chinese Literature Search. "Explain the famous" is Chinese philosophical historian Umpu, accurately grasp the "in the long-term study of Confucianism and the Analects of Confucius" based on the essence, spend decades of effort to write a. The current version, detailed Notes clear, accurate translation of feelings, concise and comprehensive, explain profound theories in simple language to explain the center is outstanding. This book is not only a very high academic value, but also have very strong readability, is a very good introductory books of confucianism.
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