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This book from the ancient and modern scholars, thinkers, writers wrote the vast space, which can think, appreciating the papers, which contains the essence of Confucianism, scholars talk about character, cultural spirit and relates to the ancient residential environment, folk customs, festivals, diet, solar term dress decoration, recreation athletics, painting and calligraphy art, ceramics, embroidery and other aspects, in order to show a basic features of traditional culture and people's life, for today's college students can easily, quickly grasp the outline Chinese culture provides an exemplary and rich interesting reading.
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Huang Zhuoyue, born in Zhejiang of Ling'an. Professor Peking University language culture, doctoral tutor. Part-time professor at the research center of Beijing Normal University literature focuses on the base of liberal arts education, vice president of the society for the study of ancient prose Chinese. The publication "the artistic psychology paradigm", "the transition period", "Buddhism cultural and ideological trend of late Ming literature", "Ming Yongle to early Jiajing's view of", "book", editor in chief of China code "spirit of art" in twentieth Century.
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A, benevolence thought guidance Confucius quotations Mencius quotations Chengming article two-way quotation two, the introduction Mencius quotations Chinese intellectuals. Chinese ancient intellectual qualities about: Why reason and conscience, looking back at the three traditional guidance to study Confucian philosophy on Chinese academic thinking trend to change (general) different on "education China cultural traditions a middle course between Chinese and Western spiritual things" Le spirit and the spirit of propriety -- Confucianism, people see Chinese four reading how we know Chinese "preface" China -- something close to China recent interpretation of the history of our own times about China Chinese character five, build beauty guide said Park (Suiyuan life three bedroom houses the government department) to talk about Chinese residential six, alley fun reading Chinese painting Chinese painting art Cong Lu words read history Chinese calligraphy esthetics thoughts Thean Hou Temple paper-cut daily rhythm -- for a revival of the folk art of Peking opera called beautiful memories storytelling Lane in the pipa sound seven, folk custom of reading Chinese our seasonal festivals in Beijing staying-up drink Tusu Spring Festival lantern lights, the Dragon Boat Festival history education. The Chinese and the dragon tea said Chinese and tea China folk amusement talent fix genealogies eight, museum interest guidance bottles of history play ancient say drinking Zhai said China stamp poetic couplet paper love read Lou bamboo amount on embroidery Chinese ancient painting techniques and modern lacquer painting is worth studying China jade culture
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Digest family obligation are absolutely binding, and it is the law and regulations. Father entered the room, the son not to; he must be the door stood, without permission from his father to leave. After his father's death, his son to mourn for three years, not near the meat. His business must stop, is the country's official had to resign retire. Even just inherited Datong emperor not reign over three years. During the period of mourning, not be the thing of marriage family. Only fifty people mourning can compare lenient, make him not as destroyed too much, hurt the body. A sixty year old man more lenient, but people over the age of seventy is only limited to black color. For the mother and father respectfully, for the same. The British envoy Macartney see the emperor, the emperor was sixty-eight years old (Chinese with sixty years as a cycle of sixty years), but he also walked to his mother to pay respects, for honor. New year's Day celebration and shall ASAGA to the empress dowager, even the Emperor himself must salute to his mother, can accept the proposal of Chaohe; empress can always told her son. All the royal family all imperial edict, issued in her name. The son of virtue not to himself, to his father. Once, the prime minister please emperor posthumously the prime minister's father, the emperor issued a decree, said: "within the party made the disaster also, my father real relief Valley relief to hunger Li, how Ren! Party made the crisis also, my father to protect real Fenshen, what 其忠 nations also! The government entrusted to my father, and the law making, neighborhood harmony, Gan Gang to vibration, what it is! I this posthumous day: Hitochu Minhui." Here to all the virtues are father, son do. According to this way (this and our custom to instead), fathers on their heirs made glorious title. But and this is corresponding, if errors of children, parents (home) will be responsible for all obligations are; and from top to bottom, rarely top-down. The family is the foundation of "constitution". Because the emperor while standing on top of political institutions, having the authority, but he like father like exercising his rights. He is the great parents, people must first respect him. His religious events and academic aspects are the supreme -- this later when a detailed discuss. The father emperor's kindness and his subjects Spirit -- they like the ethical principles of children generally not beyond the family, nor to self independence and freedom -- so that all become an empire, it is the administrative and social law, morality, and is completely free of Poetry -- is rational, no free "rational" and "imagination". P131-133
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Review the way of the University, the illustrious virtue, in people, in aim at absolute perfection. "College Students' cultural reader" inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese educational philosophy, adhere to the orientation of advanced culture, closely the pulse of the times, people-oriented, for the promotion of cultural quality education in Colleges and universities in our country, to guide the students how to study, how to behave and so on, has made the beneficial attempt. -- Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Yang Shuzi "University Culture Reader" in improving the cultural quality of university students, and promote the healthy growth of college students, help students establish the scientific world outlook, values, outlook on life and so on, provides a rich, useful content. The article mostly adopted at all times and in all countries in the famous thinker, educator, writer and artist famous, combined with specific topics, expressing the development of different stages and different situation of the understanding and experience in the life, has a strong appeal, has influence character by environment, rain moistening function. Professor Luo Guo, honorary president of Renmin University of China -- China Ethics InstituteJay
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China is a culture of the country, the culture in the Millennium stream of time, also exist in our life today and the mental state of the world. And since nineteenth Century the "West" is introduced, there is an own culture more "new" reference material, the Chinese social environment with tremendous variation. And then have a "traditional" or "Chinese traditional" such concepts and vocabulary. It is such a word, but intense agitation for a whole century people to care for the heart......
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