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Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Dalian University of Technology press   Author:Ren Youda   Pages´╝Ü414  

"China traditional culture wisdom" is a common author (non traditional culture expert) systematically written introduction Chinese traditional culture popular books. It mainly to Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism two subsidiary in order to prepare. Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and the three are influenced by the early in their learning, so China "traditional culture" is a special chapter introduction to learn wisdom and Chinese traditional culture. "Chinese traditional culture wisdom" content in accordance with the definition of culture, especially the spiritual wealth, such as education, science, literature and art, and focus on the essence or soul, is summarized in the form of thought (Philosophy) is introduced, given that it is popular, pursue the popular and easy to understand. Chinese traditional culture not only has the vital significance to the Chinese five thousand years of history, but also one of the essence and also has an important significance for today's China and development in the world.
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Ren AUO, born in 1923, Professor of Dalian University of Technology. Engaged in the work of research and teaching of organic chemistry in forty years. 1988 September to 1993 1993 retirement, retired, 2004 vice president, Dean of Dalian Oriental Institute, has published more than 20 papers on education, the multi award-winning articles. 2002 to participate in the national quality education the competition, won the first prize. In second years (2003) in this paper Chinese School of management, China future research will be held the first China scientists, educators, entrepreneurs forum, won the first prize. In second years (in 2003) to the Chinese tube in deeper Chinese school, future research will be held the first China scientists, educators, the enterprise home forum, won the first prize. In 2000 by the work China old professor Association old professor of private higher education excellence award. In 2004 April as the East Dean, his more than ten years of reading notes, finishing a book.
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Introduction global human society in transition to a harmonious world is the route one must take the first festival of world economy globalization, the globalization of the world economy a (a) theory of western mainstream theory of Globalization (two) contemporary new "left" globalization theory (three) Marx's theory of Globalization (four) globalization theory formation process of two, the content of economic globalization (a globalization of trade) (two) (three) financial globalization, internationalization of production second day world political multi polarization, internationalization and a world politics and international (a) (two) Multi-National Corporation inter governmental international organization (three) process of international non governmental organizations in two, the world political multi polarization is irreversible (a) the third world is an important force for promoting world political multi polarization (two) economic globalization has promoted the world political multi polarization (three) world political multi polarization is conducive to democracy in international relations (four) multi polarization process is irreversible (five) multi polarization and promote the establishment of a new international order third world cultural diversity and development, cultural hegemony (a) contradictory reasons the international conflict is the realistic interests (two) differences in different culture systems , both contradiction, conflict and contradiction and attract each other, cooperation, coexistence and unified side two, the East West Cultural Association of the first chapter of Confucian thought the first section benevolence is the system Confucius philosophy generally, Ren in the "Analects of Confucius" article in a prominent position principle of humanity, benevolence (two a) on days (life) understanding, Confucius in "the Analects of Confucius" in two three spoke of Destiny (two) understanding about knowledge Jen's (three) theory -- a middle course, the doctrine of the mean value of two, a mean thought method for refined understanding of section second Confucius Philosophy (a). (two) harmony but not sameness (three) and right (four) when a middle course is the gateway to the "well-off" "Datong" ideal society (five) of the doctrine of the mean defect and in the history of the tortuous experience third Confucius philosophy epistemology -- on learning knowledge, attitude and method of learning, understanding, on two the attitude of learning, learning methods in section fourth, three Confucius is China's first in the history of the great educator, a mission, the moral education in the first place two, make educated get all-round development of education policy three The whole society, in the face, "make no social distinctions in teaching" education direction four, and teaching content of five, deep and flexible teaching method (a) the best level of learning is happy (two) teaching methodology, thinking combined with (three) teach students in accordance with their aptitude, be good at giving systematic guidance (four) (five) elicitation, by learning to the precept of section fifth Mencius thought -- political idealist Confucian schools of a Mencius (a), the ideological roots of benevolent policy (two) of two Mencius content, the theory of good three, Mencius educational thought (a) educational purposes (two) the content of education and training (three) the teaching principle and method methods sixth day Xunzi thought -- Confucian realism genre, Xunzi's political thought about two, three, Xunzi's educational thought (a) the purpose of learning (two) learning attitude (three) learning method four, Xunzi five, Xunzi's theory of natural view...... The second chapter and the third chapter of Taoism Taoism Buddhism and Buddhist fourth chapters to learn with the traditional cultural reference afterword
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Introduction global human society in transition to a harmonious world is the route one must take weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons, if occurred between the third world wars or powers of war, would mean human beings destroy me. Appearance of the greenhouse effect, the abnormal phenomenon in the world climate in recent years, reflecting the necessity and urgency of the protection of the natural environment of human. A look from the view of ecosystem, human is the most senior of high-energy nutrition level, its development has been more limited, and the world export, especially the population economic backward area expands rapidly, is a serious problem, which affects the healthy development of the ecological system, but also increases the difficulty for the protection of the natural environment. With the rapid development of science and technology, development and space, large-scale cooperation around the world every subject, it needs to technical states in the political and economic, to. And the space of development, should belong to the wealth of all mankind, the common development of all countries in the world, the service of humanity as a whole, should not be like the early development of capitalism, capitalism impose base scramble for colonies that dominate the. The development of information technology, the information in a very short period of time, around the world. Transport developed, so that all parts of the world exchanges frequently, make the earth "smaller", the requirement of people's moral standard should be improvedIn the past, if that human beings as a whole, is an ideal, is now a real problem. People should unite and help each other, friendship and love, to the above undertakings into practice. Only in a harmonious world is not likely to be. Today when the world is at peace and development stage, but the world is not peaceful. The end of the cold war, the Cold War mentality still exists. Power politics, hegemonism still not to withdraw from the stage of world history, continue to make trouble, try to maintain their old interests, to curb the progressive forces.......
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