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Date of publication:2010-5   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Yuan Yida Qiu Jiaru   Pages´╝Ü1877  

Not long ago, comrade Zhang Zaide, comrade Yuan Yida came to see me, brought a "dictionary" of Chinese surnames that a about one million five hundred thousand word book parts of the manuscript, asked me to write a preface. It really makes me hesitate difficult definitely: my point of Chinese surname knowledge can ensure the order not a joke written? I ask him to turn the manuscript and that some of the material is left, so I finished learning decides again. Never thought, I was immediately and contact information, click into place: in the original sense of the common surname, hiding such important meaning. I learn a lot from. I make a prompt decision: this preface must write. I have read "family names", just follow the teacher read, do not understand the meaning of. Later, at home and abroad to study things, wasted decades, gradually know China surname by more than 100. Ming Dynasty "thousand family name" one book, not read, had not considered whether China surname to 1000 and check. But I know, the world's surname system is quite different, some countries have no name. In China, surname system among all peoples, are not completely consistent. However, the name system what it means, I'm still not taken into consideration. When studying in Germany, to a German classmate told German Jewish origin of surnames. For the Jews were no last name. Hundreds of years ago, the German police regulations each must have a surname. This is the "It is quite common for muddy nothing" of Germanic people. However, bad jews. They go to the police station, waiting for him. Harbour evil designs of the German police, but come down: "to stand behind the door!" They thundered. So some Jews really stood behind the door. The results "behind the door" as their surname. There are more vicious practical joke, the Jews asked German police, to give a name. So even "fart" a dirty word is a Jewish surname. This story, I had listened to laugh. And now go back, only to feel the sorrow. The name inside unexpectedly implies a national oppression history! This is the name system to the first of my reflections. Later, I in the governance of India and Central Asia over the ancient language, sometimes compelled by the situation, sometimes from the interest, also studied a little Chinese and foreign history. In it, I realized the importance of surnames. Treatment of Chinese history and do not pay attention to family name research, is absolutely impossible. Past and present historian, wrote books and papers about the name of a lot of. By the way I cite an example: Yao Weiyuan's "the Hu test", is one of the reference books that a "dictionary" of Chinese surname. Mr. Chen Yinque to "test" the Hu preface said: "Yinke thinks Yao Junzhi, solid has been keeping pace with the times, but its said that day, it is still not the speaker with others. The readers know, without Yin Ke superfluous discourse. But not in the attached to a prophet, that is our history, not only must take urgent research Hu, Hu Mingyi is also."

"Dictionary" by the expert of our country famous surname culture study on Yuan Yida, Qiu Jiaru took decades to complete, represents the highest level of surname culture study in china. The dictionary of Chinese ancient Chinese characters of 23813 surnames, respectively from the pronunciation, English, origin, ethnic, evolution, location, distribution, eight aspects of celebrity in every surname are introduced. Among them, the pronunciation is the name of Chinese phonetic alphabet; English is English spelling the name used in the world. Although Chinese characters is the same name, but English spelt differently, in foreign countries represent different surname, this is Chinese characters name an evolution in the overseas; the main source of origin, the name changes, this is the main part of the word; the minority part, introduced the distribution, the surname in the minority the occurrence and evolution; evolution, introduces the surname surname, surname, especially for Taiwan in case the period of Japanese occupation of some compound surname surname made clear; location mark the main origin of the surname; part of the distribution, according to the latest census, the population of each surname the main distribution, qualifying, the provinces and the area a surname accounted for the proportion of the population who name; part of the surname, selected one or two representative historical celebrities are introduced. Relating to the origin, evolution, ethnic minorities, native place, celebrity part, indicate the literature source. In order to maintain the historical appearance of the surname, the surname entries are marked in traditional Chinese characters, and mark the corresponding simplified Chinese characters in the corresponding entry in the brackets. The value and characteristics of "dictionary": the value of Chinese ancient Chinese characters included 23813 surnames, as so far all surnames books included in most surname; included Chinese translation of the ancient Chinese surnames land layout, as so far recorded most of the various kinds of surnames in the book collection of modern surnames; archaeology, history, nationality, language, text and other disciplines in the field of research and census data, for most new record. Characteristics: rich in content and comprehensive, concise text accurately, literature cited clear. Is a high academic standards and rich surname culture information content tool, to promote, advance the study of surname culture and history of science, research and genealogy to promote and regulate the be just unfolding folk genealogy writing, continuation, to promote the vigorous development of the domestic and foreign family root seeking activities, all has the vital significance.
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The new font table name stroke index dictionary appendix a surname (family name (song) appendix two thousand appendix three Kangxi Emperor Ming) surnames (Qing) appendix four native place names table appendix five appendix six reference directory name the first word Pinyin index appendix seven surnames first word simplified Chinese character stroke index
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