A person's folk vision

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Hubei people's Publishing House   Author:Liu Xiaochun   Pages´╝Ü212  

"A person's folk vision" the author examines traditional cultural renaissance of China in local society, and local culture in folk culture as a representative of the political power and capital under the action of the modernity process, analysis of the book runs through culture / history / power.
Author brief introduction

Liu Xiaochun: Doctor of literature. The main works: translations "China south-east of the clan organization"; "ritual and symbolic order -- a Hakka village history, power and memory" (second China folk art "Shanhua prize", selected (the State Council "Jinshui bridge" plan @##@) Renaissance of traditional culture of the book is a study in local society, also the process of modernity in folk culture as a representative of the local culture in power politics and capital under the action of. In particular the exposition, throughout the analysis dimensions of culture, history, power, expect to see the continuity between the Chinese phenomenon of culture and historical tradition, also realize the cultural phenomenon is the product of the interaction of various powers, is a folk scholars on the perception of reflection of all kinds of cultural events.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter: the folk experience / 1 paradox of enlightenment / 7 folk historical creation / 13 chapter second gods resurrection: Renaissance belief crisis / 19 folk God making movement / 27 modern relativity / 34 history and discourse power / 45 chapter third township: not distant figure / 65 people, Si Xiushi / 70 Township ten reconstruction / 83 non Carnival Temple / 100 chapter fourth ritual Politics: Ritual change / 110 culture sets up the stage singing the economy / 113 folk tourism / 124 ceremony / 145 chapter fifth: the folk oral literature fate / 156 / 158 political and public opinion / 162 / 168 the sixth chapter folk Carnival desire: bodily imagination / 179 desires and capital / 188 conclusion: cultural criticism of the folk vision / 197
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