• Thousands of poems

    "Thousands of poems" to five, five, seven, seven order, the ideological content of "every poem 1000 poems" and the artistic characteristics of in-depth analysis. Each of the authors, the meaning of a word, textual research and analysis of the works is a melting furnace. The author highlights the poetry writing background and word,

  • 1001 interesting questions about the traditional culture of Chinese happy Ancient Chinese Literature Search one pass -

    "A happy Ancient Chinese Literature Search: 1001 interesting questions" about Chinese traditional culture content abstract: our country deceased and distinguished Ancient Chinese Literature Search Master Mr. Ji Xianlin has proposed "big Ancient Chinese Literature Search" concept, he said: "Ancient Chinese Literature Search should be 'range Ancient Chinese Literature Search', not narrow Ancient Chinese Literature Search. The regional culture and 56 people,

  • The vast -- on the Ming and Qing Dynasties thought

    Elaborate on the trend of thought in late Qing dynasty,

  • Graphic Ancient Chinese Literature Search common sense

    "Graphic Ancient Chinese Literature Search common sense: 30 days of easy to learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search" to promote Chinese language ability to compile purport, and the recent trend of "graphic" approach, in the paper, the 作纬, will China literature field most difficult Ancient Chinese Literature Search sense, collect two single element concentration thirty pieces of concept for Ancient Chinese Literature Search theme,

  • The traditional twenty-four solar term China

    The China traditional twenty-four solar term, ISBN:9787506285353, author: Song Zhaolin,

  • Rhythm enlightenment GUI young Qiong Lin

    Rhythm enlightenment? Students? You Xue Qiong Lin, "rhythm enlightenment disciple rules you Xue Qiong Lin (Classic Edition)" basic forming. "Rhythm enlightenment disciple rules you Xue Qiong Lin (Classic Edition)" is composed of two part of the text and annotation. For the body of rhyme, four words for one sentence, two pair, to rhyme classification, easy to read and easy to read, GetWord, like other forms of enlightenment,

  • Three Character Classic surnames thousand words - Chinese culture knowledge

    "Chinese cultural knowledge: the Three Character Classic, surnames, Thousand Character Classic" is mainly about the "Three Character Classic" and "family names", "Thousand Character Classic" and known as the three major Chinese enlightenment literature. "Three Character Classic" is a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, it is short, catchy, for thousands of years, household. The content of culvert,

  • The traditional culture China

    Li Huimin editor of the "new" traditional culture China systematically introduces the basic theory of traditional culture, China China traditional culture media, Chinese spirit of traditional culture heritage, important relic, Chinese traditional culture important sites, Chinese traditional culture China traditional culture, China traditional folk culture, Chinese traditional art,

  • Our holiday in 100 cases

    "" our holiday "100" selected 100 case covers "our holiday" theme activities in various aspects, distinctive features, rich and colorful, reflecting the broad masses of the people one's ability and cleverness and creativity, has the very good reference and model significance. ,

  • The four / Chinese cultural knowledge

    Four masters of the early Tang Dynasty, China cultural knowledge readers -- four masters of the early Tang Dynasty, ISBN:9787546319773, author:,

  • The sword

    "Sword: the ancient literati of the knight's dream (version)" a comprehensive account of the development history of culture and the sword sword. Specific symbols sword, chrysanthemum, Qin, chess, Chinese ancient literati wine, carrying the Chinese people for thousands of years of hope, a thousand years of frustration, thousands of free and easy...... Along the chain of history and culture, go through almost,

  • Inkstone

    Pen, ink, paper, inkstone, in China traditional literati, is indispensable. No matter the official for the people, who are operating status, so that the same set of writing tools. Nowadays, handed down by the famous celebrity ink paper inkstone is favored. The book written by experts, concise, clear, vivid,

  • Introduction to China traditional culture

    Brief introduction to the main content of "Introduction" Chinese traditional culture: China education is a humanistic spirit, from the legend of the five emperors to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the humanities education has always been the center of all education. The failure of the Opium War, which exposed the China feudal decadent, also exposed Chinese traditional culture structure "road,

  • Three Character Classic - four famous Chinese Enlightenment

    The Chinese enlightenment four classic, the three character classic,

  • A course in Chinese traditional culture

    A course in Chinese traditional culture, the "twenty-first Century Chinese language and literature textbook: tutorial" Chinese traditional culture is a suitable for Humanities and Social Science in general education teaching materials of Chinese traditional culture. The authors summarize the teaching experience, the reference to the latest research results, to their own culture of diachronic evolution for the warp to organize the "chapter", the evolution of the system,

  • GUI said

    "Disciples regulation is illustrated" formerly known as "training", written by Kangxi in Qing Dynasty Li Yuxiu master. The contents of the "Analects of Confucius", "learning" sixth meanings, behavior norms are the disciple go, at home, others, receiving and learning should abide by. "Disciples regulation plan" a total of 360 sentences, 1080 words,

  • As the Spring Festival

    The words "Spring Festival" Spring Festival as main content: the first day, she has a special position in the Chinese national culture system. Said the special cultural phenomenon, because life was not in general, can be simple to replace or change. The Spring Festival, in the inheritance and development of thousands of years to form a strong historical and cultural traditions, she load,

  • Peng history

    This book is vivid, detailed introduces the ancient and modern history of the peng. As the name of an important surname Peng, there are endless talk about the history of legend, there are endless, celebrity millennium. You want to know the details, please open the pages of the book, step by step into a magnificent, interesting meaningful historical Grand View garden,

  • The traditional Chinese Festival Culture Reader

    "The Chinese traditional festival culture reader" mainly introduces the traditional festivals are important in China and its related cultural connotation, including the Spring Festival, sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, the winter solstice festival, eight major festivals, legends, customs and other poems. At the same time, also introduced its,

  • Taiwan literature and Chinese traditional culture

    "The introduction of Taiwan literature and Chinese traditional culture": Taiwan has always been part of the territory of the China. Taiwan residents is a natural part of the Chinese nation. Part of it is the natural Chinese literature literature. This is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but can not talk about, because it is the same meaning words often a new topic. ,

  • Three Character Classic surnames QianZiWen disciple rules

    Three Character Classic, surnames, thousand words, GUI, "Guoxue traditional archives: the Three Character Classic • • • surnames QianZiWen disciple rules" is the first book of Chinese traditional form of education, high visibility, can be said to be widely known and unknown. "300" to "Three Character Classic" led, known as the "after" to "Thousand Character Classic" called "the bottom". From the time of speaking,

  • Outline of Chinese traditional culture

    "Twenty-first Century Chinese language and literature textbook: outline of Chinese traditional culture (Revised Edition)" content brief introduction: introduction to Chinese traditional culture is the University Polytechnic College courses. "Twenty-first Century Chinese language and literature textbook: outline of Chinese traditional culture (Revised Edition)" for the project "Shaanxi province key reform research,

  • Three character classic characters reading / classical Chinese culture popular reading

    Three character classic characters reading, "Three Character Classic" the legend is the Southern Song Dynasty Wang Yinglin, it is easy to read, easy to remember and recite. Although it is not too long, but includes all aspects of society, history, culture, geography and other content. "Thousand Character Classic" is a famous ancient Chinese children education books, this book from the,

  • Six and China traditional culture

    "Six categories of characters and China traditional culture" is divided into three parts and seventeen chapters, mainly from the "six categories of characters" characters and its thinking features, "six categories of characters" and the traditional theory of culture, "six categories of characters" and the traditional art and culture, study of the "six" characters and basic thinking rules as the traditional thinking mode of the origin and the prototype, the traditional culture (,

  • The characteristics of the Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search classical analysis

    "The characteristics of the Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic analysis" content brief introduction: culture is a important source of national cohesion and creativity "". At present, the core Chinese traditional culture of the Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search, from aphasia to heat up, had a good trend gradually revitalization. This is to show the Chinese nation to realize the great rejuvenation of the China culture, is to stimulate,

  • Thousands of poems

    Thousands of poems, the original "1000 poems" seven words as part of the Southern Song Xie Fangde selected five part, selected for the Ming Dynasty Wang Xiang. Because the "1000 poems" widespread and enduring, author Cheng Songliu made a new interpretation on it. Interpretation of each piece is divided into three parts, namely the biography, notes and comments. Author brief introduction and comments,

  • Chinese surname dictionary

    "Chinese surname dictionary" includes: the new shape; table; surname stroke index; dictionary; appendix; appendix; appendix two thousand surnames (song) family name (Ming); appendix three Kangxi emperor surnames (clear) etc.. ,

  • The Chinese traditional festival

    "Introduction to Chinese traditional festival" content: when our thoughts through the ages, to trace back the origin and historical inheritance of each Chinese traditional festival, the cultural memory dusty will suddenly come alive, make us feel the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, Zhengyang each festival is a long epic the story,

  • Three Character Classic, thousand words, GUI

    "Three Character Classic • • • surnames QianZiWen disciple rules (2) (set of 2 volumes)" conception is the essence of traditional culture of the extract in a series. And, the selected are classics, from schools, poem to prose and enlightenment books, essays of Ming and Qing Dynasty, salt to the acquisition, after several years of accumulation of king, has considerable precision. In order to,

  • Chinese ancient culture common sense

    In the long history China literature development, not only masters come forth in large numbers, abundant works, and genres, constitute a colorful literary history. The boat, to walk, it is not difficult to understand Chinese wonders of literature history. If the whole Chinese culture compared to the vast and boundless sky, then, as,

  • China traditional culture reader

    "Chinese Traditional Culture Reader:" Three Character Classic ", only 1100 words, content is very rich. Whether the astronomical geography, society and family, or the rise and fall, cultural change, are reflected in the book; contains the essence of traditional ethics, the rich and profound philosophy of life. The three words of a sentence,,

  • Out of the Middle Ages (4 Chinese Library)

    "Out of the Middle Ages (Expanded Edition)" the main content description: "since the main China library" collection and selection of twentieth Century China published the outstanding works of philosophy and social science research, literary and artistic creation, science and culture. These works, the development of China's 100 years of political, economic, cultural and social,

  • Yu Dan taught me to learn "the Analects of Confucius"

    "Yu Dan taught me to 'The Analects of Confucius'" by the plain language, in contrast to explain the form of translation "Analects of Confucius", not only the Ancient Chinese Literature Search alive, and public life. Let the young readers in easy to read at the same time, also can feel "the Analects of Confucius" implication of the philosophy of life, is a experience, combined Ancient Chinese Literature Search value,

  • The young school story Qiong Lin full translation

    "The young school story Qiong Lin full translation (Revised Edition)" to "the young school story Qiong Lin" is introduced, "the young school story" formerly known as "the young school days notice", written by Cheng Yunsheng in Xichang in the Qing Dynasty, after the fog Ge Zou Shengmai added, changed its name to the present name, referred to as the "young science". Cheng Yunsheng native place and life is not known. Fog cabinet now Fujian city in Longyan province,

  • The chaos cloud Feidu

    Stick to the path China traditional culture, "chaos cloud Feidu: stick to the path Chinese" traditional culture through the cultural elite representative -- life course of Huang Zunxian, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao to modern South of the Five Ridges, communication and influence each other, and poetry, he had placed in the historical evolution and development process of a specific culture in the background, to carry out solutions,

  • Surnames

    "Family names" is a Song Dynasty scholar Qian Tang compiled the initiatory reading materials, the common surnames into four word sentence sentence rhyme, rhyme, read easy to read, easy to learn and remember. Read the "family names", can let the child understand the various source of names and ordering origin from. Familiar with the "family names", can increase,

  • Explain the famous - The Analects of Confucius

    The famous on the Analects of Confucius, ISBN:9787544502733, author: the pu,

  • Classic read

    On behalf of China traditional culture and the spirit of the thirty book, what is Chinese culture? Where to find Chinese traditional culture? All the books are the carrier China culture, the best popular classic is where the Chinese cultural spirit. "The Analects of Confucius" opened the influence of Confucianism for thousands of years Chinese, "Han Feizi" is the source of the thought of the rule of law, "the grandson,

  • Culture

    China is a culture of the country, the culture in the Millennium stream of time, also exist in our life today and the mental state of the world. And since nineteenth Century the "West" is introduced, there is an own culture more "new" reference material, the China social environment it happened,

  • Chinese Incense Culture

    "Chinese Incense Culture" of Xiang's origin and development, the production and use of incense, incense, incense and the varieties and characteristics of health, incense and incense religion, literature and art, to conduct a comprehensive study and exposition, from a unique angle of refraction of the brilliant Chinese civilization. Incense culture is an ancient and new topic. Chinese with,

  • Chinese traditional culture

    "Education" eleven five "planning materials, the National Higher Vocational Colleges: China traditional culture" for the National Higher Vocational Education "eleven five" planning a series of humanistic quality education is one of the materials, according to the higher occupation education "to service for the purpose, take the employment as the guidance, and comprehensively improve the humanistic quality of professional college students" education philosophy written,

  • Heaven

    Love, ISBN:9787214042569, author: Cheng Gong let editor,

  • The heritage of ancestors

    "Ancestral heritage: introduction to special technology" content: Chinese is one of the four great ancient civilizations in the world. In the long history, the diligent and wise Chinese people have achieved fruitful results in the field of natural science and technology, and many outstanding achievements have a leading position in the world. Be known to all the world's four great inventions,

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