Modern painting and calligraphy, his investment volume

Date of publication:2005-1-1   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Deng Feng   Pages´╝Ü195  
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The first part is preface life and artistic style of the second part Zhang Daqian Zhang Daqian painting and calligraphy works price trends and market analysis of the third part Zhang Daqian painting and calligraphy appreciation and comments on a person, two, three, four, calligraphy and landscape fourth part Zhang Daqian art data compiled a common seal, Zhang Daqian inscription inscription commonly used commonly used common seal two, the chronicle of Zhang Daqian three important documents compilation, four, @##@ chart index postscript In the contemporary art auction process, transaction records Chinese modern painting and calligraphy, innovates repeatedly tall, always in a major share of the auction market, unmatched. Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Fu Baoshi, Wu Hufan, Xu Beihong, the old generation of leaders on both sides of the Changjiang River, super giant painting, popping four seat, the auction results, make enough to shock the world. Although the price of painter's paintings are not a number, but are not rare, not to Feng as base, an inch of mulberry letter, The Inklings, are the world pass phase collection of treasures. "The modern calligraphy and painting series" investment to investment trend in the auction market as the main research direction, the high price auction market leading masters of the art as the research object, sets investment analysis, auction results, appreciate the many elements of research on the book, provides a full range of information resources for Chinese investors.
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