Language and Cultural Studies (eighth Series)

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Shanghai foreign language education press.   Author:Feng Qinghua   Pages:749  
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Hu Yuezhu foreign language teaching research and thinking of deliberate misinterpretation in verbal communication on the “ ” discourse cohesion function alternative mountain, or alternative methods? — — after the method and the macro strategy framework of foreign language teaching in the mouth of the language culture and &ldquo culture differences; words ” “ ” “ XX's thinking: ” social linguistic interpretation of computer assisted language learning environment of College Students' autonomous learning ability China investigation of Davidson “ disorder of the text ” — — interpretation and translation of the philosophical dimension of quantifier “ ” constraint system of structural cohesion in English and Chinese texts of — — comparative study of parallel structure of indirect anaphora resolution of frame semantics model of grammatical metaphor in scientific discourse forms and functions of discourse reading monitoring failure the original gang: selection and psychological distance change repeat metacognitive University in English reading of place deixis in translation between English and Chinese in the inter textual relationship about ” “ and “ almost ” multi perspective comparison and analysis of … … composite subject @##@ literature translation "Foreign language and Culture Studies (eighth Series)" received a total of 67 papers on teachers and students, mainly includes the following four parts: (1) Linguistics: including general linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, syntax, lexicology, contrastive linguistics, cognitive linguistics, social linguistics and applied linguistics, a total of 26 papers; (2) translation: translation theory, translation practice, translation criticism study, 11 papers were selected; (3) literature: including literary theory, literary genres and works analysis and other countries, CO selected 12 papers; (4) Composite Science: including education, science, cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries world politics, such as international trade, a total of 18 papers.
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