Guizhou national culture library Qingshuijiang documents research series (first volumes)

Date of publication:2011-12   Press: Guizhou Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Wu Dahua   Pages:245  
Catalogue of books

The first part Tian Zhai property documents, business documents (a) land business documents 1 twenty-four years of Qianlong (1759) December 18th Wendou Xia Zhai Jiang Wenhua sells field instruments 2 thirty-three years of Qianlong (1768) in August 6th, Jiang Wen Bin sell field instruments 3 fifty-eight years of Qianlong (1793) November 27th Wendou Village Jiang Tingzhi sells the field the book 4 Jiaqing seven years (1802) June 3rd Wendou Village dragon incense ailing sell Tian Wen book 5 Jiaqing twelve years (in 1807) in February 20th, Wang Delong and his son to sell 闷寨 Huang Tian Book 6 Daoguang seven years (1827) in February 27th, Zhu 达泗 sell Tian Wen book twelve years 7 Daoguang (1832) in August twenty-five Japanese Dou Zhai Jiang Tian Wen book selling exhibition 8 Daoguang fifteen years (1835) in April 14th, Jiang's mother sell Tian Wen Book 9 Daoguang seventeen years (1837) March 5th Yan Wan Zhai fan Xian even sell field instruments and 10 light eighteen years (in 1838) in December 27th, Jiang Guangyu and his son to sell the field instruments 11 Daoguang twenty-nine years (1849) in February 26th, Jiang 凌汉 brothers sell field instruments 12 Xianfeng three years (1853) in February five Japanese bucket Zhai Jiang 氏官 Shen sell field instruments 13 Guangxu thirty-one years (1905) June 4th Wendou Xia Zhai Jiang Dengli brothers sell field instruments to 14 in two years (1913) in October 10th, Jiang door and sell Tian Guan Qi Li 15 Jiaqing twenty years (in 1815) in September 17th, Jiang Muxiang found selling farmland price instruments (two) other property sale documents 1 Qianlong forty-five years (in 1780) in September five Japanese bucket Zhai Jiang 引声 sell garden document 2 Daoguang twenty-four years (May 18th 1844): your son sell garden document 3 Daoguang fifteen years (1835) in December 28th, Jiang 光典 sell 仓文 Book 4 Guangxu thirty-four years (1908) Jiang Shichen selling foundation documents and 5 in seven years (1918) in February 4th, Jiang Dengzai sold to ban books 6 Guangxu in twelve years (1886) in March 13th, Jiang 老德 to sell the house foundation documents 7 Tongzhi three years (1864) September 22nd Taiwan old nine to sell the house foundation documents 8 Guangxu twenty-seven years (in 1901) in September 30th, Jiang 老德 sell foundation and house document 9 Daoguang five years (1825) in August 27th, Jiangmoto Nobuuri heath documents 10 Xianfeng (1851) in December 21st, Jiang 本洪 sell Huang Ping document 11 Republic of China In fifteen years (1926) in June 22nd 氏彩 Yuan Jiang mother sell Tang instruments two, pawn documents 1 forty-three years of Qianlong (1778) ginger phase code fields instruments 2 Jiaqing twenty-four years (in 1819) in November 28th, Ping Ao Zhai Jiang 生保 Dian Tian documents 3 Daoguang sixteen years (1836) in August twelve Japanese bucket Zhai Jiang 光璧 code field instruments 4 Daoguang twenty-four years (1844) in October 27th, Jiang 先宗 code fields instruments 5 Guangxu twenty-seven years (in 1901) in February twenty-six Japanese bin Zhai Jiang Zhenxiang brothers classic field instruments to 6 in three years (1914) December 23rd ginger Dengke code fields instruments to 7 in six years (1917) July 1st Wendou Xia Zhai Jiang 登鳌 Dian Tian Wen book 8 in fourteen years (1925) February 25th ginger 周士 parent code fields instruments 9 Daoguang two years (1822) February 19th Deng Youxun shift code field instruments 10 Tongzhi seven years (1868) December 24th lotus Dongzhai dragon 加辉 parent shift code land documents 11 Xuantong two years (in 1910) in May 12th to 元泉 shift code field instruments 12 Guangxu twenty-two years (1896) eight Yang Zhai Yang and redemption code fields and back deed 13 Xuantong first year (1909). February 30th Wendou village high long recovery code that book three, tenancy documents 1 Daoguang twelve years (1832) September 14th Jiang Shaohuai tsukuda documents 2 Daoguang twenty-six years (1846) May 20th Yan Wan Zhai fan Gung tsukuda documents 3 Daoguang twenty-nine years (1849) in February 28th, Jiang 老福 tsukuda documents 4 Xianfeng five years (1855) December 28th Peng Yujie tsukuda documents 5 Xianfeng six years (1856) in September 9th, Jiang Tai Hing tsukuda documents 6 Xianfeng eight years (1858) November 28th Jiang Yingyuan tsukuda documents 7 Jiaqing seven years (in 1802) in November 4th, Ping Zhai Zhang Zigui remains documents 8 Guangxu thirty-two years (in 1906) in March 29th, Yang Benqing a house about 9 Xuantong first year (1909) in April 5th, Jiang Denghang, a ground shop word 10 in four years (1915) August 2nd Fan Bingrui Dian Ji Ping residential trade word 11 in fifteen years (1926) in August 19th and land rent house living word Jiang four, lending instruments (a) a 1 sixty years of Qianlong (1795) December 20th Yan Wan Zhai Fan Wenlan borrow the silver instrument 2 Jiaqing twenty-two years (in 1817) in November 12th, Fan Shaofen borrow the silver instrument second part of the family clan affairs documents third part of village affairs. @##@ instruments "Land relations and other documents (first volumes)" is not only an initial classification of Qingshuijiang documents and textual research, and research to the Qingshui River paper book based. Qingshui River paper book is the treasure house of many academic economics, history, law, ethnology, anthropology, ecology, the author hope this series offer more scholars to research on the Qingshui River documents, obtain more new research results.
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