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Date of publication:2002-11   Press: Anhui Education Publishing House   Author:Luo Xiaofan   Pages´╝Ü162  
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The introduction part China history a summary of the two ancient media dissemination activities three the earliest newspaper -- Tang Dynasty played into the hospital like four media -- paper and the invention of printing paper of the invention and development of the invention of the printing press and the development of the five China modern first news law -- "big Qing newspaper law" six book publishing summary of ancient publishing history of publishing the formation of modern publishing industry growth seven history of the ancient feudal official media -- and Chinese modern newspaper beginning with "word Linxi newspaper" at the earliest "Communist Manifesto" China introduced the "globe" "Declaration": China Commercial Press representatives Chinese over the first Modern Journal -- "circulation daily" reformers organ -- "" Su Bao "and" Chinese "Subao" revive China society organ -- "China daily" alliance of organ -- "newspaper" "New Youth" and the new culture movement of the first organ -- the "Wizard" the Soviet authorities news agency -- Red China News agency published in Kuomintang CPC organ -- "Xinhua Daily" Yanan Xinhua radio in the next Contemporary Chinese media summarized two contemporary press review famous newspaper "people's Daily" and the contemporary Communist Party Central Military Commission Chinese organ organ -- "Liberation Army Daily" for intellectual national newspaper -- "Guangming Daily" to promote economic dominated national newspapers -- "Economic Daily" national English daily -- "Chinese daily" and "Ta Kung Pao" century age...... Three the state news agency Xinhua News Agency five -- four broadcast TV six publishing seven network news industry eight China reporter nine News Award and the press section @##@ main references. Chinese is the earliest news media in the country. "Chinese surname" briefly introduces the birth and the development of Chinese newspapers, radio, television, publishing and online journalism, selectively promote the representative of each historical period the news media, it focuses on displaying the charm of contemporary news media. The fact that a lot of vivid: the news media is the inevitable result of social and economic political and cultural development, and play an important role in promoting the progress of human civilization.
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