Zhejiang silk culture history

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Hangzhou Publishing House   Author:Yuan Xuanping, Xu Zheng   Pages:232   Words:300000  

The book "history of Zhejiang" series of historical and cultural books. According to the time sequence of Zhejiang province introduce the silk culture. The book is divided into eleven chapters, the content includes: the dawn, Wu Yuesang, walk out of trough, the rise of the southeast, toward the brilliant, Jiangnan Silk palace, Lake wire all over the world, the brilliant, industrialization, silkworm flowers in full bloom and "silkworm weaving diagram" and spread.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter dawn -- prehistoric Zhejiang silk
A, Zhang head of silkworm lines
two, the earliest textile
four silks jade ornaments, opportunity of
second chapters spread puzzle Wu Yue sang song -- in the pre Qin period
Zhejiang silk industry a mountain, and cash
two, Wu Yue started his
three, Yangzhou Gong ZhiBei
four, silk industry and that
five, sword and wire
third chapter out -- Han Jin Southern Zhejiang silk
a relatively quiet,
three, Sun Wu's business walk out of trough
fourth chapter visit Hainan southeast -- the rise of Sui Tang and Five Dynasties Zhejiang silk.
A, magical glitter Aya
three cut a striking figure, Se
four rise, and I closed repair of silk weaving
five, land and Sea Silk Road
fifth chapter to glory -- the two Song dynasties in Zhejiang silk
A, the utmost potential
three center moving to the south, the Millennium "Silk figure"
sixth chapter City fan Sheng Jiangnan Silk -- the Zhejiang silk.
A, the newly conquered lands
In two,
three changes, developed Guan Ying weaving
five, city memory.
silk overseas seventh chapter Lake wire all over the world -- Zhejiang Ming Dynasty silk
A, Lake wire all over the world.
two, the prosperity of the silk town
three, advanced technology
four, red gate
five, maritime bureau changes and trade
eighth chapter sunset -- the Zhejiang in the Qing Dynasty silk
A, and
two, grand war
four the rise of modern silk reeling industry, the last official weaving
five, bureau of weaving and fabric production people
ninth chapter industrialization -- during the period of the Republic of Zhejiang silk
A, and
two variations, the industrial revolution
four silk variety innovation, education, industrial
tenth chapter silkworm silk trade of flowers in full bloom -- Zhejiang silk customs and legends.
A, silkworm worship
three month sacred silkworm, silkworm Township holiday
five legends and literature, Ou silk Sonata
eleventh chapter "silkworm weaving diagram" and spread of
A, building of Chou and "farming and weaving"
two, the Southern Song Dynasty " Silk figure "important version of
three, after the song" silkworm weaving diagram "version of the
four spread," silkworm weaving diagram "in foreign
five, about the" Wu silk weaving diagram "several problems for
appendix a Zhejiang Huzhou Nanxun silk vehicle survey
A, Nanxun silk car analysis of
two, Nanxun silk reeling process
three car, car of Nanxun silk
appendix two Zhejiang ancient mulberry silk book
A, early mulberry silk literature
two, the song and Yuan Dynasties, mulberry silk book
four mulberry silk works in Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty silkworm mulberry silk book
five, the period of the Republic of mulberry silk books
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