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Date of publication:2003-2   Press: Wuhan University press, national excellent Publishing House   Author:Yang Baocheng   Pages:229   Words:287000  

This book consists of "the scope and layout", "Yin Ruins culture stage and age", "buildings", "Yin tombs", "Cai Sikeng", "pits of chariots and horses", "the bronze", "culture of Yin Ruin Problems". The tenor of the book is on the archaeological data combing, analysis of cultural relics and cultural relics revealed to Yin, and explain some phenomenon of Yinxu archaeology. In a word, only to do some preliminary data analysis work. This book with larger space to discuss the findings and chariot pits and origin of the Shang Dynasty.
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Yang Baocheng, Jiangsu Zhenjiang people, born in September 1, 1939, from primary school in the home country enlightenment, after the father to Shanghai to read, in 1958 admitted to the Peking University in August, in 1963 July graduated from the History Department of Peking University archaeological, later assigned to Chinese Archaeological Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher, working as a trainee assistant researcher. In 1986 October to the Wuhan University History Department work. Was appointed as the
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Scope the scope and layout of a Yin Yin Yin, two, a layout of the palace area (a) (two) residential sites (three) handicraft workshop sites (four) site three, the burial area of the nature of the two Yinxu culture stage and age a, Yinxu culture stage two, the age of three the remains of a building, palace temple base two, the drainage facilities, building three room (a) crypt style housing (two) semi underground style house (three) small building ground (four). The palace tombs, with four in a large tomb two, with one or two of the path three large tombs, rectangular earthen medium-sized tomb four, rectangular earthen small tomb five, no 墓圹 tomb six, family cemetery, seven small grave tomb owner identity of eight ", a different point in" nine, ten "tomb building, a grave mound" discussion Wu Yin sacrificial pits one, the area of the sacrificial pits (a) people buried sacrificial pit (two) (three) of the buried animal sacrifice ritual burial objects (four) analysis of human sacrifice (five identity The surface structure of the continental Yinxu) combination of bronze ritual pit human sacrifice and human sacrifice two distinctions, temple near the sacrificial pits three, other sites of the pits of chariots and horses, a car two, car three, relics of chariot pits or pit four, analysis of the origin of Yin Qi Yin Ruins of a car, bronze Li Lu (a) the tomb of the bronze ritual vessels combination (two) class B tomb bronze ritual vessels combination (three) class C tomb, bronze ritual vessels combination of two bronze Ding Fang (a) name Fang Ding and use (two) staging and typing square Ding (three) evolution and system reform of King Mu Fang Ding (four) the owner of the three square Ding, bronze axe (a) classification of bronze axe (two) several problems of Cheng uses four bronze, bronze relief Ba Yin Ruins culture discussion, the culture and the surrounding cultural exchange (a) effect of bronze culture on the culture of Yin ruin's northern region...... Postscript
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