Yi customs

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Huang Peihua   Pages´╝Ü155  
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Introduction the fire dancer
the fire dancer
the first chapter highland tiger
from Yi to Yi legend
, age of
ancient civilization Huazhang
the mountain tiger born son
chess breeze
second chapters choose the mountain in a family of
Bagui > choose mountain and live
harmonious residential
the dancing flames
spring Yi
dancing the
patched Festival
costumed tiger Festival
floating in the mountain clouds
Liangshan take
colorful costume show
meat lump
wine tea fragrance,
"grab" the bride of
interesting marriage
Tongtian road
third chapter one's nobility lasts forever.
between the sun and the moon
ancient text
immortal poem
Asif dancing
customs and etiquette.
recreation sport in
the fire nation
appendix book picture photography, @##@ provider list This book includes three chapters and 31 articles, multi-faceted, multi angle to explore the history and culture of Yi people, religion and customs, caves dug micro, often see.
the book with pictures of more than 100 frame, most from Guangxi famous photographer hand. Edit work fine, well printed.
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