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Over the summer Tahe uplink, it was summer tower gorge. Canyon on both sides of a road, Mountain Pine Ridge, summer tower water clear bottomed out, a few fish. Because of the remoteness, Xia TA Canyon still maintain the original state of nature. Here is the wild animal park, squirrels, woodchucks, from time to time that hare, pheasant and animal, sometimes visible snow leopard, ibex, argali, rare wild animal ". In the summer of tower canyon from time to time to see the step stone, the ancient relics department. Sciatta trail is the most dangerous and most famous ancient road in the Tianshan Mountains, it through the Tianshan main ridge on the Muzal thatta ban, then to the Akesu area in the south of xinjiang. The road connecting the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, Yili is to the south. The Western Han Dynasty Princess Jieyou eldest brother history in Changan to study the guqin, marry Qiuci (in Kuche this area) Wang Jiangbin for his wife, is to go the road. This is the famous Tang Dynasty bow said the only way which must be passed on. A textual research of scholars think, the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang westbound crossing "Ling Mountain", also is the wood Zal thatta ban. Mozart is the ancient Turkic language "wood Zi a ault" sound, the meaning is "the bingdaban". The Qing Dynasty wood Zal thatta ban as "lignin Er Ling". Also called "straight ice Ling", because it was across the Tianshan Mountains, also known as "flyover". In 1845 January, Qing Dynasty imperial decree, cloth Yan Tai ordered Lin Zexu to life in shoe prospecting reclamation, Lin Zexu took aim, going with three sub Cong Yi, "by way of ice ridge, now south". Because cloth Yan Tai to dissuade, only by way of Urumqi fold in South xinjiang. Mozartdaban, the highest elevation of 5000 meters, the passage of time in the highest temperature in summer of August. "Tang Dynasty" in the description, Xuan Zang in the over Ling mountain valley, "snow, spring and summer and freezing, although Xiao pan, find complex icing. By the way of dangers, the wind fierce, many Tyrannosaurus difficult, Ling made pedestrians. This way, not 赭衣 hold Hu shouted, slightly violated, evil witnessed, hard sand storm, rain stone, in case of loss or not, to all students." In the difficult circumstances can see ". The Qing Dynasty famous western history experts Xu Song wrote after investigation, wood Zal thatta ban: "Ling long life. High Baizhang ice form, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, Yu, Takashita Hikaru." Its amazing "ice cliff stands, difficult climb, travel journey, suffering from." Xianfeng years, Yili served as counselor minister Jing Lian was ordered to handle a case in Akesu, over the wood Zal thatta ban more than ten days before the author of "travel", ice ridge, and endowed with the verse: "ice ladder hundred feet even clouds, Ling Mountain four game we; stagger a platoon air, waving it can take the moon." The Qing Dynasty has 70 specialized households cut ice staircase households, according to the Qing Dynasty poet Xiao Xiong said: "the daily shift workers more than 20, in ice chisel tic for road, where the degree of ridge people retained rope being put into the ice, slowly, shocks, when fracture, or deep to count Zhang, Wang war fear." About summer Tower Road, the local spread of many wonderful legends, which has an Eagle Story: in glaciers perched a condor, usually people can not see the traces of it, if the wood Zal thatta ban pedestrian crossing in the snow game, the eagles will fly in the right direction, guide pedestrians move forward, so as to change danger into safety. Not far from the road side, there is a piece of white as jade, as big as a desktop stone, half lying by the roadside, like sitting cross legged Buddha, called "Buddha stone," stone surface engraved with the Uyghur text and three District revolution. In 1945 July, one of the three District revolution leader A Basov led the guerrillas from the attack in Akesu, the words on the stone is very likely that military action record. From the summer tower at more than 30 kilometers, is the Yili famous sciatta hot springs. Here, the environment quiet, hot spring water temperature at 42 ℃ ~ 64 ℃, containing a variety of minerals, can treat many diseases, what is different in different temperature of the pool, treatment of the disease is different, especially has a good curative effect for patients with skin disease.
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