Wumeng flame

Date of publication:2001-8   Press: Version first (August 1, 2001)   Author:Li Wen   Pages:145   Words:100000  

Fire worship is Wumeng Mountain Yi unique folklore, it penetrates into the Yi People's festival, folk religion, marriage, in all aspects of life. Let us enter this unique cultural atmosphere, to spy on Yi People's spiritual yearning, simple view of the universe and life pursuit......
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The first chapter of Wumeng Yi the rebirth and sublimation -- in the second chapter the funeral fire amusement God pleasing "pinch" Tai "-- and Mars" the third chapter no fire no wedding no fire without marriage life -- the fire in the fourth chapter the survival was closely related to the fire -- live in the fire of fifth chapter fire is God, God is fire -- worship in the sixth chapter the fire fire is witchcraft -- witchcraft in the seventh chapter of the national soul fire Splendor -- the torch festival of the eighth chapter
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