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Date of publication:2008   Press: Chinese Tibetology press   Author:Du Yongbin   Pages:671   Words:490000  
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In 1991 Chinese characteristics of Tibetan -- theory, characteristics, methods of Tibetan New Year "on Tibet studies several opinions on Tibet studies based on a new starting point, seize new opportunities, open up a new situation -- Speech Tibetology research to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the founding of China Tibetology Research Center was founded 20 anniversary in Chinese Tibetology Research Center at the celebration of the historical mission to meet the new development of Tibetan studies Chinese in Tibetology Research Theory Seminar on speech several research on Tibetan Chinese -- Commemorating the ninety birthday of mentor Li Youyi felt" elite Tibetan "and" popular Tibetan "fly side by side (interview) our ardent hope -- in the inaugural meeting of the Academy of Social Sciences in Tibet autonomous region on the speech for the new situation to create our work and work on the problem of method -- the Academy of Social Sciences of Tibet autonomous region construction work report of investigation subject system of construction four basic data compilation and Tibetology study Tibetology introductory talk about traditional Tibetan and Tibetan Studies reservoir study value assessment standard Tibetology Research Road China Tibetan modernization of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the theory of Tibetan studies China Tibetology fate unique international" explicit learning" -- produce development, prosperity @##@ appendix. What is the main content of "Tibetan": since the middle of the thirteenth Century, Tibet Sakya Dynasty conform to the trend of historical development, reflect the wishes of the people, resolutely decided to accept the jurisdiction of the central government since, Tibet has always been an administrative region Chinese, Tibet and the central dynasty calendar generation has maintained a local and central government political relations. Although there had been some unpleasant episode, the imperialists wedge between Tibet and the motherland have an ulterior motive, to create "Tibet independence" may lie, but the unity has always been the main theme of the relationship between Tibet and the motherland.
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