Wenzhou Guci Southern tour.

Date of publication:2008年12月   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Tang Zhendong   Pages:215  
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The old son, Cai Yuanwai, Chen master Putian on two, Cai Zhuangyuan created the Luoyang bridge, Chen fourteen empress born three, salesman Wu De eaten by the snake, South Temple for God, show four rank officer life lost shekou. Chen Shisi wants to save brother dear Chen Jinggu five, Mount Lu research method, to give the name of Chen 神娘 six, Zhang Tianshi teacher, give the name of Chen lunar seven, Chen Shenniang left the Hongzhou, from Jiangxi to Zhejiang province in eight, Chen Shenniang in addition to cats strange, a sensation throughout the deer at nine, uncle Qiu Shan swearing, God save the mother son of life ten, Chen 神娘 married into the Yellow house. After three years of chopped snake eleven, Chen 神娘 large arc pirates. And travel to save the twelve, a Buddism godness Guanyin hell received snake tail. God mother Palace by the fragrant light @##@. Wenzhou Guci "Southern Tour" is a two Buddhist teaching folk legend, in the Wenzhou area has been passed down for thousands of years, usually by Wenzhou Guci lyrics to sing. Sing the "Southern Tour" is also called big words or sing sing the empress words, like Chen fourteen empress except demon destroy and save people. Wenzhou Guci "Southern Tour" collect collecting "Wenzhou Guci South swim.".
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