Watch on the border of home - the Dai culture

Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Yunnan University press   Author:Dao Jie   Pages:213  

After several years of efforts, this film entitled "watch on the border of home -- social culture" the Dai the book finally settled in a dust quite disturbed state of mind. In the manuscript forthcoming occasion, the hearts can not help but emerged in infinite regrets! The field investigation of the scenes appear in sight, many memorable things a lingering. Especially the Dai that honest kind, regardless of what happens to the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes are difficult to shake the lasting and eternal heart, as if standing in the frontier of the mountains, let a person remember them forever!
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Total order records before the first chapter watch at the frontier, geographical location and population distribution of two, clan name, clan source and ethnic relations in chapter second means of livelihood, hunting and collecting a two, planting industry and breeding industry, military industry in three small industrial third chapter life etiquette and daily life, the life etiquette two the fourth chapter, the daily life of a social organization, organization form two, the role of social organizations in Chapter fifth, marriage and family, the white Dai marriage and family two, black Dai marriage and family three, Pu er Dai marriage and family, four man battle Dai marriage and family of the sixth chapter houses, a white Dai and the black Dai residential two, Pu er Dai dwellings seventh chapter religion and customs, folk belief, a two Theravada Buddhism, the eighth chapter three related customs, language and writing a white Dai two, Bai Daiwen three, the other branch of language and writing the ninth chapter education, medicine and sports activities, education, medicine, two three, sports tenth chapter fairs and trade in one, the market formation and characteristics of two main bazaar, three, trade and development section The eleven chapter ethics and ecological ethics view, two, three, four, taboo space-time concept of ecological concept five, for the construction of "eco village", "village" theory model of reflection the permanent watch the main references postscript
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