Underground Chengdu

Date of publication:2003-7   Press: Shu Rong chess press   Author:Xiao Ping   Pages:246   Words:230000  

Xiao Ping, prose writer, researcher of regional culture. Membership Chinese Museum Society, cultural relics and museum professional associate professor, member China Library Association, vice director of talent library. Sichuan Chengdu was born in 1966, graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1987. Had long been engaged in the research and creation of history, archaeology, folklore, literature etc., published "the ancient Shu civilization and Sanxingdui in
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Objective: Chengdu history by the Warring States Period: underground and find the lost ancient civilization Jinsha Sanxingdui ruins discovered the secret Chengdu Plain prehistoric site group and twelve bridge construction site: large tracts of the palace area and the residential area of the ancient Shu state altar: Xi Zhou Yang Zi Shan Taiwan Commercial Street Shu Wang ship coffin family cemetery coffin Xindu Warring States tomb: lying on the bronze cold weapon last king of Shu Han period: portrait brick on the Chengdu life picture Qin tombs: rest in Sichuan "Terracotta Army" was a Bao Donghan portrait stone and brick Tomb of Han Jing and grain Lun: living materials rap figurines, the Chengdu people shaking Qian Shu and a grain of the Han Dynasty portrait of tomato brick secret play Three Kingdoms of Wei and Jin Dynasties: the hero's fate and the religious revival Hui Ling: Liu Bei and 甘穆 two madams tombstone during the Three Kingdoms period archaeological discovery of Chengdu Dynasty stone statues Sui Tang and Five Dynasties period: in music and paintings in Tang Dynasty was archaeological discoveries of Chengdu City Yongling former Shu Emperors: Wang Jianmu and Ling: Hou Shu emperor 孟知祥 tomb in the song and Yuan Dynasties: elegant cellar and harmonious human relations are gold and silver hoards of Chengdu area of the Song Dynasty Women tombstone eternal flame: the Qingyang Temple during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and sparse glass factory site: the Royal Mausoleum and underground wine north of Ming Dynasty Tombs, South Ming Shiling Chengdu chengdushuijingdistillery relics from the famous brand: the main references @##@ underground This is a comprehensive introduction to the history, success stories, streets, humanities, property, city changes and anecdotes of books. As a 10 years ago from the countryside into the city people, I know the city life is wonderful. City life is like a passionate Symphony from first to last, there are many musical instruments involved in the play, narrative is interspersed with slow adagio, Allegro agitation; sometimes the grand narrative and lyric alternately quiet, like Shostakovich's famous "Seventh Symphony", long and varied playing the climax came on schedule.
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  •   This book has a name, but the content is slightly poor. Belonging to the general reader.

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