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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Sichuan literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Zhang Fu, Zheng Guanglu   Pages´╝Ü236  

Zhang Fu, Chinese Writers Association members, Sichuan Provincial Association Committee members, author of "narrow" "Chengdu Chongqing slobber battle" "the land of abundance" orogeny created a nearly ten human geography bearing essays. Chief editor "Chengdu Soul series," editor in "cultural Tianfu series" etc.. Long documentary literature "World Hakka" (co authored) in Chengdu City sixth "five project" award.
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The copyright page illustration design principle:: Dujiangyan is a distillery Chengdu two jean world living Heritage -- Dujiangyan and Shuijingfang. Have lasted for thousands of years and will continue to work hard, for human sacrifice. An irrigation with the beautiful and rich the land of abundance, another irrigate the spiritual home of the Chinese nation. I once wrote an article said, the land of abundance of the Minjiang River flows through the snow, after thousands of years of erosion and sedimentation, straight into the leisure and known for Chengdu people bowl. In fact, this carried a wild of the Minjiang River water, not only to the Chengdu people's bowl, is the flow to the Chengdu people's blood -- with distiller's yeast fermentation, directly into the land of abundance of the spirit and blood. In the meantime, Dujiangyan water conservancy project is the snow must pass through the throat roads, more than two thousand years, the world of magic and clear and sweet water, so nourished this magical land. This is the bounty of the earth, is the human wisdom display. In the clear mountain water surging, Dujiangyan and Shuijingfang in naturally or half unconsciously between on Millennium, achievement of mankind no history. Many of the content of the book perhaps we are difficult to read, but above all engraved with many elements of Chinese civilization. Wine, known as "medicine long", in Chinese medicine, known as the magical function. Wine, as a special drink, not to quench their thirst, but irritating, can make the person anesthesia, make a person excited, can Shujinhuoxue, desiccant to cold. Because, the liquor contains a special ingredient -- alcohol. The wine with water appearance, character of fire. Water is the wine of blood, we already know, water quality is directly reflected in the quality of wine, a place can produce good wine, water is the most important material evidence. Tianfu of China, because it has a have no equal in this world of Dujiangyan water conservancy project; the land of abundance was more fortunate, because they have no equal in this world of Dujiangyan million years snow, stuffed the Fang long heritage of world wines. Not only to raise the soil, more breeds the humanities, because with it and they, Chengdu will be the beautiful appearance. Dujiangyan water and food are nourished with water out of the millennium, brew wine. If yes, we could do this, Dujiangyan is the square of farming civilization Chengdu, Shuijingfang becomes the front shop of farming civilization of chengdu. We set aside in the "front shop" Shuijingfang not table, this chapter focuses on shop in front and behind the "Fang" in Dujiangyan, as well as the unique water elements in Dujiangyan brought about by the. About Dujiangyan in the water, "water embellish Tianfu" in a book I have deep experience. Before I write these words, I have came to Dujiangyan for the two time, to listen to her command and summon, because every week to Qingchengshan to do mountain climbing I, slowly has formed the habit of. But amazingly, I came to the Dujiangyan side every time, will have a different feeling. The South Bridge under water and sometimes more freely, from the heap tree has been half personified. Because of the earthquake, although can not enter the temple of the two kings, but far from view, another kind of reverence and more shows between the lines, the Millennium Bridge quivered in the air...... Nearer, slowly, we know that the wisdom of the maze of Dujiangyan water conservancy project, three main projects consisting of water control strategy mainly by the fish mouth (Water Engineering), Feisha weir (overflow sediment engineering) and baopingkou (water diversion project completion). Is like a play, they play different roles, but are run with the "theme" Dujiangyan to. Sitting away from the pile of tea side, sometimes I will stare at the bottle Bao trance, that the crystal clear "Neijiang water", array upon us like them, and array like away from us, then the specification then ordered so devout...... Sometimes I even think, so a little bottle, can be tens of millions of acres of farmland irrigation? You can fill out a the land of abundance? Chengdu Plain would thus be a thousand years? Although I know that this is thousands of years of fact, but I still can not help but give birth to such a childish idea. Because of that seemingly not worth mentioning water too mysterious, because two thousand years ago our ancestors too wise (although those ancestors who are largely concentrated in the Li Bing one person), I also as ancestors of another wisdom and admiration -- "bottle" that the name was too beautiful, as long as you sit in the here, you will think that this is a very appropriate name. Even though our ancestors passed down many glorious chapter text, countless, but "bottle" three words but to a proper extent generalizes its shape, like the Chinese nation has thousands of essence of income of this vase, leave the bottle let posterity slowly, for the benefit of all generations.
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H; — before the shop Shuijingfang after Fang, Dujiangyan water and water nourishes out food, brew the Millennium wine. If yes, we could do this, Dujiangyan is the square of farming civilization Chengdu, Shuijingfang becomes the front shop of farming civilization of chengdu. The Han Dynasty Furui in Chengdu area numerous, they are like grass covered the fields as full of magnificent Han Chengdu Cheng Guo. It is influenced by these influence character by environment, establishes the charm and temperament unique millennium chengdu. Like a person's family to find by hard and thorough search, blood is the end of one root true lies. Relics, relic phenomenon chengdushuijingdistillery relics reveals, revealed a Chinese traditional liquor brewing process evolution of animation volume for us.
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"A thousand years Fang: Shuijingfang Millennium mellow" was published by Sichuan literature and Art Publishing house.
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