The world view of Guangdong

Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Guangdong Province publishing group, Guangdong People's Publishing House   Author:Zheng Chuxuan   Pages´╝Ü294  
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The first chapter is the introduction, with a world perspective to examine 30 years practice of reform and opening up two of Guangdong, Guangdong to liberate a thought further, need to have the world vision three, Guangdong striving to practice the vanguard of Scientific Outlook on Development, need to have the world vision four, Guangdong implementation spans type develops, need to have the world view of the second chapter, under the background of globalization economy of Guangdong one, change the mode of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in two three, promoting the coordinated development of regional economy in four, to improve the level of opening up of five, and strive to the economic and environmental win-win Guangdong third chapter, push forward the reform of political system of democracy, China new exploration for the development of a socialist democratic characteristics and superiority of two, Guangdong exploration to promote the reform of the political system of democracy development has a solid foundation, unique advantages and face the challenge requires three external pressure, Guangdong exploration to promote the reform of political system and democratic development of the main contents of the fourth chapter Guangdong the transformation of government functions and government management system and mechanism innovation, Guangdong towards the world, the government must abide by international rules, is committed to building a new government, two vigorously promote the transformation of government management functions, the construction of decision science three Smooth implementation, operation mechanism, the administrative supervision and powerful four, establishing and perfecting the public finance system in five, the development of e-government, innovation management, strengthen the six performance evaluation, improve government efficiency the fifth chapter Guangdong a fusion of Chinese and Western culture, the intersection point of a global economic and cultural globalization two, south of the Five Ridges culture has a long history and the rich connotation of three, Guangdong from cultural inertia awakening in the four, Guangdong should become a blend of Chinese and Western culture and the combination of the sixth chapter Guangdong how to accelerate to improve people's livelihood as the focus of social construction, to improve people's livelihood and social construction in a prominent position two, leveraging the overseas society construction theory and practice three, the social construction of Guangdong, Guangdong four exploration and bottleneck to strengthen social construction and social management ideas in Chapter seventh, the current international society of party politics and new features of the party's construction in Guangdong, the response of a current International Society of party politics and new features of the construction of the Communist Party of China challenge two, since the new period Communist Party of Chinese the construction of the party's overall deployment of three, in the face of the international society of political party of new features, the construction of the party should be the focus of Guangdong Several issues considered references @##@. The world has changed China and Guangdong, Chinese and Guangdong is also changing the world. We are in the era of globalization, facing such as the contradiction between economic globalization and cultural diversity of the world, the universality and particularity of different countries. Study of Guangdong, which must be put under the background of globalization are analyzed, namely to world vision, look at Guangdong past, summarizing the practice of 30 years of reform and opening up, and then plan the way good solid Guangdong new science development. "The world view of Guangdong" is divided into 7 chapters, the concrete content includes fusion mechanism of Guangdong, Guangdong economic advance new exploration, reform of the political system of democratic development in Guangdong transformation of government function and government management innovation under the background of globalization, the Guangdong - the intersection of Chinese and Western culture. The book can be used as teaching materials for colleges and universities, is also available for researchers to use as a reference book.
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