The wind.

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Li Jinlan, Guo Liang   Pages:155  
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Introduction in the circulation in the circulation of

the first chapter of the national origin
the Gelao, blazed a grass
"Yelang": cut constantly miss
"bamboo" trace how deep a
who I was

second chapter tie Zhai said sweet new year as
If molasses dyed "mountain color"
a tree, a statue of the God
recipe, as I wish
cattle on the water mirror
there is a worm
third chapter Youziyouwei
Xi meters jade
who let the taste buds flowers
Chung shoot the moon cake,
fourth chapter wind flow
in grinding autumn on the fly as good as water

folk guess
cliff on the secret
the iron bridge
fifth chapter is always love
with you "love
love Hua Lu, Sony Ericsson
folk breaking money for the oath"
lead you to the beautiful
who couldn't wake < br > sixth chapter.
Beautiful Weaver gradually far
Yiyi Nanshe style.
built a house, sleep at night.
Music Music
Heaven Earth Day, month,

postscript reference appendix book picture photography,.@##@ provider list "The wind deposit: Gelao volume" is composed of 6 chapters including: national origin, if molasses, sweet flavor, such as water, wind is always loving, beautiful wings etc.. "The wind deposit: Gelao volume" by Guangxi Nationalities Publishing house.
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