The Tibetan Chinese bilingual dictionary

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Gansu Nationalities Publishing House   Author:拉姆措 issie   Pages:441  

"The Tibetan and Chinese bilingual dictionary" received a total of nearly 4000 English words (including the internal idioms translation). Each word according to the English alphabetical order, after each word with a number of examples to help users understand the meaning, and guide them to use words, infer other things from one fact.
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User reviews
  •   The Tibetan Chinese bilingual dictionary, to learn three languages is very helpful
  •   The book is of good quality, but no practical that the Sino Tibetan
  •   For the foundation of the people
  •   Tibetan not Pinyin
  •   This book is written to be estimated, Tibetan people learn English for general readers, the equivalent of our English Chinese dictionary, but it is the interpretation of English language, we do not think that is to use English in the interpretation of Tibetan, Ming said, want to use this book to learn language from scratch is not possible.
  •   So this book is too simple, those words are junior high school level. Buy not very value, keep it as a souvenir.

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