The old Beijing Hutong legend

Date of publication:2008-09   Press: Chinese Federation of press   Author:Liu Qiulin   Pages´╝Ü305  
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In order to an alley 1 alley that the origin of the word Hutong alley 2 named 3 of the two alley legend Qianmen Street -- the bustling commercial street outside the front door of East River -- Dexing Yong gold shop bungalows Headlines -- lantern superblock real two -- jewelry Street Dashilan prosperity -- the street front door -- is second ancestral temple red residual dream -- eight former Yongkang Hutong alley Guozijian Street -- Li Lianying sister, small de Zhang's -- the former residence of Tian Han North Xiguan Hutong Hutong -- the former residence of Liang Qichao Wei Jia Hu Tong -- garden Fuxue Hutong -- the prime minister Temple bean curd pool lane -- the former residence of Yang Changji black sesame Hutong -- Kui Jun House - round well Si Hu Tong -- the former residence of Mao Dun North Dongsi Avenue -- longfu temple Zhang Zi-zhong Lu Zhao Dengyu Lu Cang Nan Hu Tong, Tong linge road -- Duan Qirui house cotton alley -- General Cai E -- in the Maoershan Wanrong House East four lane -- Qing cotton Yi Zhaidi East six Lane -- Qing Chongli residential east eight Lane -- the former residence of Ye Shengtao shaft alley -- "New Youth "Editorial site -- the former residence of Li Yu Huang Mi Hu Tong Lao She's" small pen alley "-- the former residence of Zhu Qiqian Zhao Tangzi Hu Tong, 27 Wangfujing Avenue -- Li Yuanhongzhai Xi Zong Bu Hu Tong Campbell blocks -- famous house Bei Zong Bu Hu Tong -- the former residence of Liang Sicheng -- the former residence of Ma Yinchu Dong Zong Bu Hu Tong Lu Mi Cang Hu Tong, Dongan Market -- Zhihua temple Wangfujing street Dengshikou Street -- pigeon Gulou West Street -- fruit cast house alley iron Yingbi alley north along the Yandaixiejie Houhai -- the famous" barbecue season"...... Three alley selling four Street five Beijing Hutong list references @##@ postscript Hu Tong, after yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties of the three development of the expansion, peaked in number, cultural connotation to mature, to achieve full. The formation and development of every alley are left traces of history, and reflects the social customs. This book will be a good collection of these valuable photographs of Beijing was presented to the reader, so that people get a glimpse of Beijing Hutong and the vicissitudes of life.
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  •   This book is really very good, this is the famous Beijing alley, only a fly in the ointment is not introduced some hutong. After seeing these "legendary" Hutong, benefit. Recommend!
  •   The historical heritage of iPod classic
  •   Material is very good, figure is not clear, the content is OK
  •   The paper is not good good content knowledge
  •   Can buy to read
  •   Beijing is always full of a city alley culture, whether it is already removed all a hideous mess alley.
  •   The old Beijing hutong is really not much, book collecting main famous Hutong were introduced, learned a lot of knowledge, in particular, also found a Hutong have been rented the introduction.
  •   Is a book about Beijing Hutong of books.
  •   "This is Beijing" said white bought
  •   Have no imagination of so good, a lot of classical did not write, speak not but what legend who, into what what home

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