The new exploration of Qinghai folk culture

Date of publication:2008-7   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Ma Chengjun   Pages:386   Words:330000  

We have published nearly 100 this has certain academic value and effect and influential academic monographs, we sponsored academic journal "Qinghai ethnic studies" growing from a general journal for the ethnology class national core journals, more and more attention in academic circles. However, with the passage of time, a number of international influence of academic predecessors has retired, they spent their life blood of published papers have not yet been published, they are very difficult to access to their academic achievements. Therefore, in order to transfer academic tradition, improve the academic level, in order to national junior research discipline construction, but also to a concern that academic predecessors, we decided to publish this series. Qinghai is China's Confucian cultural circle, the culture circle of Tibetan Buddhism and Islam culture circle edge, since the Qin and Han Dynasties, is the national competition and cultural exchanges, since the yuan and Ming, was formed and now national pattern. In the long river of history, survival and create a very splendid culture in the minority here, created Chinese Olympia -- Kun bin mythology system; Chinese Homer -- "Gelsall king" (actually more than Homer Books are numerous.); here the painted pottery unearthed here have no equal in this world; Tu folk ceremonies "Nadun" for months, the world's ceremony most; here is sweet, Ning, Qing, the new four provinces a number of folk singing folk songs -- "flowers" hometown; here retains the most original ecology dance activities -- June song; here is the world's oldest "Koran" manuscripts (the national treasures are preserved in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, according to the experts to research the history of more than 1200)...... All in all, to write a great deal about.
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Temporal and spatial orientation of Qinghai pottery Festival second festival of Qinghai painted pottery of the third chapter Kun Kun Bin Bin mythology and culture section on Kun bin second day Kun bin myth third festival queen mother of the West and Kun bin myth second chapter first day of Qinghai pottery in the multi dimensional view of Qinghai pottery culture implication of third chapter "flowers" -- passion plateau section the second section on "flowers" cultural character profile section third than with Xing Xiang: "historical and cultural symbol of the fourth section of feelings and desires of condensation flowers": "flowers" cultural characteristics and cultural function of fourth chapter three Sichuan Nadun section of the longest Carnival second section two 郎 God worship third "the interpretation of section Fourth" crops "shaguojiang" on the fifth day sixth Festival Nadun history Nadun origin plateau chapter fifth first quarter June song "June song" derived soil section second "June song" the origin and the active program third "June song" in offering various gods at fourth day "in June the song" in the sacrifice ceremony and related personnel at fifth "June song" in the folk dance sixth "June song" the cultural function and social function of the sixth chapter of history The poem crown section East "Iliad" section second section third hero genealogy rapper fourth Festival "Gesar" spread "Gesar" flow pattern in section fifth section sixth cross examination of Hagel chapter seventh autumn grassland event -- Mongolia Nadamu Festival Nadam content -- first a wrestling second festival Nadam content two -- third Festival Nadam archery the eighth chapter three content -- race culture on the edge of the island the first section Salar: clan name, clan source and present status of second day old cultural memory section third material cultural heritage fourth oral and Fifth Festival of the intangible cultural heritage of historical literature heritage afterword
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