The modern Beijing

Date of publication:2007-7   Press: Beijing University of Technology press   Author:Zhang Mingqi Liu Xinjie   Pages´╝Ü228  
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The capital of new China ideal country back I love Beijing Tiananmen people's favorite square Chinese first monument forever miss heliacal rising Beijing telegraph tower bell aerial view of modern Beijing in the map of the village area enlarges 20 times to break through the wall of the city center and the axis of the pie changes color in modern city basin Beijing ancient tradition of civilization Yongding gate tower "remember" dragon "growth bird's nest and water cube on the same dream built on the City Wall Museum hundred miles long street straight as arrows Changpu River to be delivered from oppression of ancient city wall, is what the ancient capital of Beijing soul back in modern Beijing landmark building is to declare" ten building "in the about here with the rest of the world once again find the landmark sculpture to modern Beijing Liuzhou dotting the economic take-off of heavy industry from the stage of history of Shougang to move Zhongguancun's legendary" CBD "wealth not nocturnal city livable appropriate industry Yizhuang neighborhood of Financial Street gold by" well "born to buy tea, tea, tea metropolis modern agriculture is quietly on the rise today Beijing life gradually forget the" Warren "suburban leisure also pay attention to culture still cherish the map The book into the ocean theme park the car knowledge into the homes of ordinary people to enjoy the "net" fun "every village" improved farm life try by hook to look for sth. if traffic lead in all directions of the road network blew overpass China largest airport China largest railway hub for livable vigorously the development of public traffic network of Beijing in the planning and rational development of new Beijing first city planning of Beijing is the country's political and cultural center of Beijing @##@ future planning. Beijing city construction has a very long history, each building is a historic. This book focuses on the new Chinese was founded, especially since the reform and opening up, Beijing made various achievements and modern style, and Beijing is "functional orientation of the national capital, the world city, cultural city, livable city" as the main line, the prospect of Beijing.
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  •   Very suitable for the people of Beijing have a look, your city.
  •   The changes in Beijing especially in the various changes of old Beijing and the Olympic Games bring to Beijing

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