The legend series

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Xinjiang art photography press   Author:Wu Fuan   Pages:179   Words:105000  

Xinjiang is a very thick book. Xinjiang is a part of life can't finish reading the book. In recent years, every year I to the southern and Northern Xinjiang research learning, every time back has more strong feelings and new understanding, new discoveries, but also strongly recognized, Xinjiang is a treasure house of national culture, is a publishing resources bonanza. We had an idea, from the perspective of human geography, compiled an introduction to the history of Xinjiang culture of popular books, multi lens, many aspects to reflect and introduction of Xinjiang. So this will have a "human geography" series of Xinjiang.
the beauty of Xinjiang, lies not only in everywhere she has the vast grassland, majestic mountains, magnificent desert, wild Gobi, rich forests, rushing rivers, flowers, fertile oasis, still in her unique population structure and cultural pattern. The ethnic character, different language, different clothing, different religious beliefs here harmony, harmonious life, for thousands of years, deduce the different cultural characteristics.
Catalogue of books

Qitai Gobi dream from the riddle in the riddle
visited the Kroraina native
grassland ancient totem, behind
> don Xuan Zang westbound puzzle
Yarkant Mi Yun
wild camel puzzle
Gaochang king and Xuan Zang
human fam.
a nosy city the knife shining a small town
Yu Chunshun the mystery of the missing
Kashi Gar Teana
world-class mystery, Kanas "Huguai"
jade stone puzzle
the devil may cry wolf demon city
the mystery of
Xiangfei puzzle
small hairy puzzle
the ancient mystery Zhou: Journey to the west "
Zhang Qian forced the western regions" puzzle
Fugue mud volcano
the Wusun Princess assistant puzzle
the Han Dynasty female diplomat Feng Liao
Przewalski horse puzzle
the Yellow River mysterious extraterrestrial
yokan ghost
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