The Jinuo Mao grams.

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Zhu Yingzhan   Pages:115   Words:40000  
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More-tech grams of the origin and temporal origin myth origin of the social and historical conditions to celebrate the special Mao grams region to celebrate special Payson grams of typical villages to celebrate special Payson grams of time a complete more-tech g holiday festival holiday follow-up activities and lead the elders drum blacksmith Noba facts and interpretation of GA in singing and dancing to celebrate happy heaven and the game @##@ heritage. A magical legend of the beautiful people -- the Jinuo Mao grams Festival, in this grand festival, now singing, now dancing to commemorate this by "iron" to culture, from dispersion to unity. Picture book illustrations, exquisite with text explanation, the whole picture of the Jinuo Mao gram special section of the intangible cultural heritage. In order to enhance their understanding of the intangible cultural heritage protection, and promote the widespread practice of effective deployment.
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