The history and culture of Beijing

Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Peking University press   Author:Luo Zhewen   Pages:332  

Sixth speak Beijing palace garden, the Imperial Palace, Beijing the Imperial Palace also known as the Forbidden City, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties two feudal dynasties palace, located in this city of Beijing city center. It was built in the Ming Yongle four years (in 1406), was built in eighteen years of Yongle (1420), have elapsed since the 600 years of history. It is now the world's largest, China and best preserved imperial palace buildings, in 1961 published by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units, included in the world cultural heritage list of UNESCO in 1987. The Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City covers an area of seven hundred and twenty thousand square meters, the temple housing the 9000 rooms, a building area of about one hundred and fifty thousand square meters, the Forbidden City perimeter walls 三千四百余 metres, and a moat fifty-two meters wide (commonly known as Tong Zihe) retaining ring, forming a solid tight defense system. The tall wall, majestic gate tower, exquisite watchtower, make this a more magnificent Forbidden palace. Before the introduction of the magnificent the Imperial Palace building, first briefly review the history of the development of China's palace. The palace is the ancient architecture of China's most advanced, the most luxurious, an artistic representation types with the highest. They are the slave and feudal emperors to wealth, the best building materials, the most senior craftsman, the most exquisite artistry together building, represents the highest level of the construction technology and art. According to historical records, in about twentieth Century BC, the slave owners began to build themselves a palace, "Shihchi" Yu Xia Ji records, "Belcher palace, induced charges in the groove splash", that has been in the relatively advanced officer room. But because of the limited productivity and technical level of art, from today's perspective, the scale and the art is very simple. To the Shang Dynasty (twelfth Century BC) Zhou overhaul palace, according to historical records: "South North Dynasty song, according to Handan and sand dunes, are from the official annex", scale could be see. The dynasty song Henan Yin Ruins in Anyang, the palace ruins once in a few decades ago have been found, of which there are a lot of rammed earth house base, upper boulder plinth, arranged in rows. Base on, and some also covered with copper "matter" (i.e. backing). In addition, after the founding of the people's Republic, also found that a lot of the Yin and Zhou dynasties palace early construction sites, such as the Hubei Wuhan Panlong City Yin Dynasty palace ruins, Shaanxi, Fufeng, Qishan early week (Eleventh Century BC) palace ruins etc.. The framework of the courtyard style combination of plane layout and platform columns, has laid the foundation for the later construction of the palace. Spring and autumn and the Warring States period, from slave society to feudal society, the social productive forces further improve. The princes to contend for hegemony at the same time, the palace construction also spare no effort, and as a boast. The so-called "high trees pavilions, beautiful palace" has become a trend. The records of the historian "Qin Ji" recorded: others saw Qin Mugong luxurious, magnificent palaces, sigh said: "the ghost, is bothered! To make the people to people, is also bitter!" Now the site during this period, such as Qi Linzi, Zhao Handan, Yan palace is still distinctly to be found. Tongyiliuguo Qin Shihuang palace, overhaul, appeared in the history of large-scale Epang palace, according to "records of the historian Shihuang Chronicles" records: "thirty-five years, Qin Shi Huang thought that many people in Xianyang, the first king of the small palace...... But as officials at the Weinan Shanglin parkland. To make the room, five hundred step, North and South fifty Zhang, can take a million people, can build five Zhang flag, Zhou Shi for the broad road, temple to the Nanshan, Nanshan Mountain thought que table." Because of the grand, the first emperor of the Empire and the emperor, after all home is called the palace.......
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The preface first opened the first page of a history of Beijing people, "the left ring became a sea, right over the Taihang" Beijing bay two, Zhoukoudian three, the river water "Donghu Lin" four, Pinggu basin on the house of culture sites five, Jundu mountain side of the mountain culture sites second Beijing Wanli birth early national and city, the Yan state and the thistle in two, Yan's capital -- Dong Jialin, site of the ancient city of three, the central government and the local forces battle four, vassal and quiet cloud sixteen, ceded in barrier Zhongyuan military town, the capital -- Nanjing, the Jin Dynasty in two three, the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty mostly four Beijing five, the Qing Imperial fourth speak to the capital of Five Dynasties of Dan, the invasion of the Western powers and atrocities, two e Shu reform movement and antisense group exercise three, the political situation in four, five, North Lugou Bridge bath blood war intercalated peaceful liberation fifth modern Centennial transmutation, the Imperial Palace two, Xiyuan three sea three, three mountain five garden...... Courtyard and alley ninth walls and gates eighth sixth Beijing palace garden, seventh Beijing Beijing speaking the ancient waterway pursuit tenth the Great Wall in Beijing and national integration of Eleventh Beijing drama history of twelfth old social life in Beijing thirteenth about Beijing's religious culture fourteenth back in twentieth Century five Beijing @##@ influential man. Beijing is the capital of our great motherland, the State Council announced the first batch of national historical and cultural city, is the world famous ancient capital. In this book, many experts and scholars in Beijing long history and rich cultural traditions, Beijing will be hundreds of thousands of years of vicissitudes and product modeling to show in front of you read. And TV films "the book of the history and culture of Beijing" broadcast in Beijing TV station.
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