The ground Chengdu

Date of publication:2003-7   Press: Shu Rong chess press   Author:Xiao Ping   Pages:278   Words:270000  

This is a comprehensive introduction to the history, success stories, streets, humanities, property, city changes and anecdotes of books. As a 10 years ago from the countryside into the city people, I know the city life is wonderful. City life is like a passionate Symphony from first to last, there are many musical instruments involved in the play, narrative is interspersed with slow adagio, Allegro agitation; sometimes the grand narrative and lyric alternately quiet, like Shostakovich's famous "Seventh Symphony", long and varied playing the climax came on schedule.
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Xiao Ping, prose writer, researcher of regional culture. Membership Chinese Museum Society, cultural relics and museum professional associate professor, member China Library Association, vice director of talent library. Sichuan Chengdu was born in 1966, graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1987. Had long been engaged in the research and creation of history, archaeology, folklore, literature etc., published "the ancient Shu civilization and culture of Sanxingdui"
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Objective: to become the city of Chengdu City Romantic themes article several times "face" turtle City City / little city Jin Miyagi Hibiscus Town Luo imperial city "Chengdu" named after the ancient early king of Shu people perform a named "cong" Chiefs "Mianyu" Bai Guan, turtle wild duck the king of Shu Jie min drop from the clouds of water conservancy expert Du Yu Du Yu Ao Ling Juan -- a typical palace coup open twelve world Qin Shu on relationship between five Ding lux womanizing last king of Shu "Taurus" and "Five" Qin Shu this mysterious figure "Shu" and the origin of the name of Sichuan Street papers humanities article article bussan suspense article references
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