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Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Gansu old Editorial Committee  

"Old Gansu" almost covers nearly two hundred enterprises and units of all regions of Gansu Province, including petrochemical, metallurgy minerals, machinery manufacturing, electricity, transportation, building materials, arts and crafts, tobacco, wine, medicine purchase and sale, hotel catering, food production, flavor snacks, grain and oil processing, animal husbandry, agriculture and forestry supply and marketing materials, textile dyeing, photographic haircut etc. more than 20 industries, municipal government audit, recommended by the former domestic trade department issued the "China time honored brand" certificates enterprises. This is a rich, full and accurate materials, distinctive features, word fluency of the old books, readable, reference and collection of strong. "Old Gansu" is actually a microcosm of the enterprise culture in Gansu Province, Gansu industry and commerce development history is a part, is a valuable material wealth, but also a very rare intangible assets.
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Old and famous enterprises and products of Arts and crafts enterprises and products Tianshui lacquer China -- one of the top four inkstones Tao Yan Jiuquan Remanbar plant of Gansu carpet Lanzhou carved gourd Qingyang paper-cut incense wrapping shadow Jishishan security waist Dao Zhangye Hua Gan crafts petrochemical enterprises in metallurgical mineral production enterprises, machine manufacturing enterprises of coal enterprises of transportation enterprises of Posts and telecommunications building materials enterprises of tobacco wine enterprises pharmaceutical enterprises hotel catering businesses food enterprises local flavor snacks purchase and sale of grain and oil processing enterprises agriculture enterprise general merchandise enterprise material supply and marketing enterprise culture supplies clothing enterprises and enterprises photographic glasses barber companies education units of cultural attractions in Gansu special local postscript
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