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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Wei also, convex and concave Sichuan publishing group, Sichuan literature and Art Publishing House (   Author:Wei Yi, convex and concave with   Pages:264  

Convex and concave, formerly known as Wei Ping, China Association member, has the humanity, science essays "lines", poetry anthology "by craft Fang", "comment notes set chip basket" word word. The TV series "billowing blood" screenwriter. New poetry critic Tan Wuchang editor of "convex concave body with white paper: (Craft Workshop) poetry esthetics sixty evaluation". Wei Yi, whose real name is Wei Yi, born in 1986, at the age of 14, Chengdu Sichuan Writers Association, 20 annual revenues, Provincial Writers association. Heilongjiang province Jiangxi finance and economics college graduates, Graduate student. The sometimes set "shelling" super singing girl (Chongqing publishing house in 2005 September version), the novel "1227 stone" (Chunfeng Literature and Art Publishing House in 2006 January version).
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The copyright page: illustration: City Street debate: from the east gate into the city street, no city can have street, no street without city. Street is the city's premise, is a part of city indispensable. The city is street house, house collapse, street disappeared. Walking in the street, is also in the city's belly walk. Previously there is no city, street, town appeared. Street a, to distinguish between street and street, street is named. Some street famous names, some street to use named, some street to allusions named, some street named after the city orientation. East Street is a named after the city's range of street. I owned many East Street, Chengdu, Xi'an, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, big city all history are main street east. All of East Main Street, East Main Street in Chengdu is most famous -- search "East Main Street" in the Baidu, ranked in the "search" first, is "Chengdu East Main street". Here only said Chengdu East Main street. Chengdu Chengdu old East Main Street did not, therefore, from Chengdu City talk. As early as in the old stone age, human activities in Chengdu plain. The first to enter the Chengdu Plain belongs to the upper reaches of the Minjiang River, Diqiang clans system Shu ancestors. The ancient Shu after cancong, boguan, Yu Fu, Du Yu, Kai dynasty. But the Chengdu City, is more than two thousand years ago in the spring and autumn and Warring States period, specifically for the "Qin Shu battle" into the king of Shu, Shu Qin defeated layout. According to Chu Chang Jin Dynasty "Huayang, Shu Chi" records: "twenty-seven years (before 311), King Hui of instrument and if the city back to Chengdu, week twelve, seven cubits high......" This is the earliest written Chinese history records the exact time of Chengdu City and city scale. Future generations "Furong Huajiu book, volume one" also said: "twenty-seven years of king of Qin, sent Zhang Yi, Sima Cuo Shu, destroy the liberal's, build Chengdu City, Chengdu City is the beginning." Built in Zhang Yi Chengdu City sub cities and small town two arrived back dependent plate. Two city even together is actually very small, now near Yanshikou City East may have been the category. At the East Gate City wall and Qing Cheng Yuan -- Qing in far more to the eastward. Then, since there is no East Street, which belongs to the waste land. Qin until the Sui Dynasty, Chengdu City has developed, but the style, the style does not change the east. East Street is built when, without examination; before the Main Street East, big city, small city, Jin Guan City, car, city, whether there is a 彼东 street, without examination. But according to several historical records confirm, Main Street East rise, should be originated in the Tang dynasty. Tang Xuanzong asylum people Shu, the inscription in the eastern suburbs Daci temple. In the first year of the 785), Wei Gao Ren Jiedushi Nishikawa, from Northwest Lead in river town, Yuxi City chisel solution, the oblique southeast to the Daci Temple, near Yu Dongguo still in Neijiang. The southeast water around, more lively. This time, the east street block has been "lively", has become the visible. According to "restructure"Qian Fu Xi were recorded: "three years (876)...... Jiedushi Nishikawa high parallel building Chengdu city....... Week twenty-five ". Jian Nan Jiedushi Nishikawa Gao Pian to dry at 2002 (875) lunar January office, second years on the table please Guang built luocheng. So, for the military to resist the invasion of Nanzhao, and adapt to the economic development of Chengdu City, conducted a large-scale expansion, built the city. Hu Sanxing note: "Luocheng, namely the outer also." In June the high parallel table, completed in November, according to "the Shu Yiwenzhi" of "give high parallel built Luocheng Chao" records: "daily one hundred thousand husband, divided into building forty-three, all Shi Guangsha, and long brick masonry....... The service acts nine million six hundred thousand, money one hundred and fifty rich." Can be seen at the time scale is Chengdu City history is very important one annulus, expansion of the scope is very close to the Qing Dynasty City walls. According to "history of geography" recorded in volume sixty-seven: "Tang Gaopian built Luocheng ten doors open, there are buildings, southwest, Southeast, small portal, small East Guo door. And the east west gate of Chang Lu door, etc.. At the beginning of Wang Jiangong Chen Jingxuan in 东阊 Dashun door is also." Here the east city gate is also known as the big east, similar to the Qing Dynasty Chengdu City East gate. Then, by the Tang called the king of Shu Wang Jian separatism in the year 907 in Chengdu, Chengdu emperor, Jian Shu before. According to the Song Dynasty Zhang Tangying suozhuan "Shu" records: "Wang Jianwu Cheng Yuannian Taowu (after the emperor second years), modification...... (Chengdu City) great bridge door for light Xiamen, Ze portal for Kun dement, Dongmen million spring door......" Luocheng because around the Qin and Sui city built, which later known as the big city. The city construction, further East Street building has become the scale, self-contained. Thus, from Chengdu City east the Daci Temple that Luocheng Dongmen line, because Shu little war, the development of production, the street was a road weather -- East Street formed thereon. To the Song Dynasty, the door and the restoration of the original name, East Street is bustling night market, is the busiest street in Chengdu city. According to the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Mu written "Fang Yu Sheng Lan" records: "every year in July 7th, the Shu people climbed the Daci Temple before the snow in the night market." The Sui Jing and yuan fee with the description of "year of China 纪丽 spectrum": "(lunar January) fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, three, is breakfast Daci Temple, dinner five gate", and "the night of July 6th reached the Tian Kuang Daci Temple Pavilion concept" etc.. Mention of the Yuan Dynasty, Marco Polo wrote in his "Commission": "around the city is twenty miles." This calculation, it is built after the Chengdu City scale. Draw the Ming Dynasty "Apocalypse" Chengdu government figure, East Street panorama from the ground to move in the paper. As can be seen from the graph, Shu Palace East, long make division, according to justice, to learn, inspector hospital, tax division, Daci Temple, finally reaching the Ying Hui door, full length according to the proportion of about the circumference of the Chengdu City Wall radius -- this is I to the history of the earliest and most of East Main Street visual impression. According to "history of Ming Dynasty, Li Wenzhong" records, Li Wenzhong in the Hongwu four years autumn people Shu, Chengdu Metro construction, establishes the Chengdu City hundreds of years of pattern. Later, although the army dominated by Zhang Xianzhong in late Ming and early Qing dynasty wars Tu destroyed, Chengdu city rebuilt in Qing Dynasty end or the continuation of the Ming City chassis and regulation.
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The first chapter is beautiful and Chong: Street spit the word city street debate: from the east gate into the city street light suddenly: articles, eyes east of Yanshikou, a position named street is a five line street second chapter: orthogonal to the time switch from gold financial look, it has a gold heart...... Rent the most expensive street business: Main Street East on the "help" Jiaozi: world first notes story China West Wall Street Street statue: unknown hero to Liu Xiang's distance of third chapter wood: sound smooth round, semi soft excuse as Tokyo street weather a city wood veins building beauty: sunny side doors and windows open fourth chapter XI Wen run under water: water, tender river street mirror fragments of love: as if forever separate, but depend on each other for life water wharf memory tea a boatman in Jinjiang are descendants of the center, is approximately equal to the city center Shijian volume Xue 涛井 wine in the gate: from Xue Tao to Shuijingfang, Quanxing fifth chapter: take care of the city fire light fire blood East Tang Minghuang suddenly catch a glimpse of blue lights in Mingshan exhibit of lanterns records ceremony bask under the pen of Li Jieren's exhibit of lanterns Chengdu lighting market "originator" in where? The sixth chapter soil: running Street real, Luqiao and the jade dust dust, earth return to the earth: East to road slow: practical and aesthetic earthwork Pu Yan grafting improvisation: Yang Sen Street hard, bright, Ding Baozhen government behavior and physical soil seventh chapter full Avenue East Street in lifting the hurricane government officials, military, the eighth chapter: the book of the East Ziqi temple, temple, Daci temple...... Huang: Ghost interactive allure to emerge in an endless stream mining Ziqi: rural travel market, snacks and "ghost @##@ diet" Since ancient times, in different historical stages, Main Street East are showing their East beauty, beauty, beauty of the broad street: Street, the Finance Street, the commercial street, the street lights, the most wine street, the most bustling street, the street, the most beautiful teahouse Li Chong Street, the street, the bead jade street, the five rows of street, the folk custom street, the Temple Street, the snack street, the street, the cultural Westernization street, the traffic on the street, rent the most expensive street, and the world's first White Fang, the world the first paper money with this street about … … it is representative of Chengdu City, is when the first street and “ ”. When not in Chunxi Road, it is famous all over the world! The human geography book "the famous writer convex concave and 80 new writer Wei Yi, Chengdu soul · the first street: Street East Ukiyo-e prints" is one of the first written Chengdu East Main Street books, unfold it launched a shaft “ riverside ”.
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"First Street: Street East ukiyoe" was published by Sichuan literature and Art Publishing house.
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