The charm of Xin'an - Anhui Humanities

Date of publication:2006-12   Press: The people of Anhui   Author:Pan Xiaoping   Pages:212  
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The first chapter is the new landscape around Anxin County, Xin'An River, Xin'an culture in the production and life of the [003] level [011] second chapter 9 water several transfer six shares tips, new Anyuan [027] Hui Wu town of the first [035] third chapter from Heng Jiang Taoyuan Yu Ting ancient ferry [046] Mulian drama of Qimen [0521 Huizhou ancient stage [057] three thousand kitchen smoke nine thousand Ding [069] Chengzhi hall wood [083] from Blue Cross to the WAN an [094] fourth chapter fengle Mount Huangshan under water 来五百 in Mount Huangshan [106] temple town, four champion [112] like gossip Chengkan Village [117] Tang modulo ten bridging water street [121] Cheng Zhu Queli Huang Dun [124] Tangyue arch group [129] fifth Zhangyang water pan Huayang Town Hill said, if the performance of water [141] Hu Shi, [145] Long Chuanhu ancestral hall [149] on source side Jerneh hall [160] Huizhou food and Jixi food [165] sixth chapter Xin'an Jiangkou Department of Sanjiang Sanjiang port of Tunxi street [171] Long Fu Dai and abacus [175] mystery grotto groups of Wu Cun, the emblem of the city water, [179], practicing ancient Xi Bridge [182] Yuliang dam Yuliang street [190] Prime Minister [198] went to hometown Xiong Cun Shen Du, lost [202] @##@ housework. This volume on both sides of Xin'An River historical and cultural relics and folk, folk, folk art for describing objects in the water flow, spatial sequence, from the perspective of action of river of human culture, all-round display has the charm of Anhui culture. With exquisite illustrations.
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