The beauty of Danba

Date of publication:2006-9   Press: World Press   Author:Lin Junhua   Pages´╝Ü192  

"Danba beauty" to Danba's history, humanities, natural style, detail description, showing the historical panorama of a Danba to the people. Perhaps, those who love and care for Danba beautiful valley, eager to understand beauty, dialysis sequence of events, the desire to "hand in hand" to the readers, to inspire, from this book harvest, to understand the deeper understanding of Danba, Danba.
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The first chapter in order to give Danba a coordinate beautiful valley the most beautiful China country thousands of Tibetan stone house in Jiarong the core of culture and the birthplace of Paradise Valley natural bonsai Gelsall Stone Village second articles from the Tibetan village beauty intelligence since ancient times Danba beauty, beauty in Ba Di Xiang Jing preparation: how many cypress is there are many beautiful ancient towers under the beautiful family in a home cangzhai transnational love Ba Wang are blooming "Golden Flower", "story of romance" top and the beauty of an ancient beauty. When third pieces of a born beauty blonde...... Article fourth created by nature a secret sixth beauty beauty out of fifth papers from the history of beauty seventh Danba beauty in action at the last few words
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