Terrible people in Beijing

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: China Changan Publishing House   Author:Zhu Yan   Pages:230  

The copyright page: in the history of the development of Beijing business, merchants from all over the country have made a great contribution, in their adaptation to Beijing's business practices at the same time, will also have some of their own business ideas and practices here, of which there are many contents naturally into the custom of Beijing culture, has greatly enriched the Beijing folk culture and commercial culture. Due to the convergence of all parts of the country's outstanding talent and management experience, the overall quality of the merchant of Beijing continues to improve. Regardless of what the local people, as they integrate into Beijing society become Beijing Beijing businessmen in particular, his conduct, as well as business attitude, is embodied in the merchant of Beijing characteristics. In Beijing, business activities, we think, honest and trustworthy, custom duty is one of the distinctive features of the merchant of Beijing. The characteristics, are compared in terms of the. Once some people use "the image of Beijing City, Guangzhou City, Shanghai Bund" draw the outline of the three character of the city. Beijing is the embodiment of the traditional culture of the city Chinese instrument for perfect, there is Chinese due to long-term political center, people are very familiar to the heaven, dear pecking order of a fixed pattern, the influence of this culture from generation to generation, makes people naturally pay attention to order rule. Is the city of Beijing, the layout of the entire city everywhere showing a rigid style. The same is true of Beijing business, merchants from all over the country to peacefully coexist in the same city, must abide by some commercial basic behavior rule. Integrity, is one of the basic rules of conduct in business Beijing businessman attaches great importance to the. For example, in shops and market transactions, except in special circumstances, some special industries, the owner does not usually offer price oneself out of the market, they are generally more practical, the price gap is not big, but adjacent enterprises race to the bottom "atmosphere is not heavy, little public battle of the fight at outrance. And the general Beijing businessmen will not seek immediate small profit, they tend to pay more attention to the long-term interests. This is what people might say the merchant of Beijing atmosphere. The business in Beijing there have been many lasted more than a hundred years and more and more flourishing enterprise, emphasize the quality of the goods, integrity hospitality management policy is their survival and development purposes. With the large number of foreign goods into Beijing, there are a lot of foreigners with Beijing, so there are a lot of foreigners for service industry businesses, operators of these businesses to improve service, recruit staff must be able to speak English, if not English, after entering the shop also must learn to. Beijing has many national famous commodity, these operators to buy in order to facilitate the foreign customer to carry, they will provide free various beautiful and practical packaging tools. The purchase of goods in the guests, the staff are friendly, seek truth from facts to recommend to customers for their goods, let people fully appreciate the heavy righteousness is not materialistic, operator management attitude. These in commercial activities as much as possible for others to consider the idea, is a manifestation of Beijing hospitality integrity characteristics. Once, Yuan Shikai smoking a cigar, lit the smoke suddenly issued a crackling crackling, really let him be a surprise. When the enemies surrounded, unrest, especially Yuan Shikai had assassination methods against political opponents, more afraid of being "similarly, also the people who rule" to deal with him, so the presidential palace in everything to guard against.

There are rumors: Beijing city very valuable; Beijing are filled with "God":
Beijing culture is China "captain";......
Zhu Yan compiled the "terrible Beijing people" will describe a group of true to you Beijing people, and lead the reader to know Beijing people, Beijing road and the Beijing art. Inspire readers to create a successful life @##@! Beijing is located in the northwest edge of the North China plain. The terrain as the ancients said: "you Zhou, sea ring left, right to Yong Tai, North pillow Jiyong, South River Ji Jin, is the land of abundance". As one of the seven ancient capitals of China history, Beijing city is the proud: here the human survival has been 700000 years of history; there has been a regional, the importance of the Fang 都邑 is in 3000 years; the last eight centuries more has been a few generation unified dynasty's political center. So far, Beijing has more than 800 years of city history. Beijing is an ancient and mysterious historical and cultural city. Along with the Beijing more than three thousand years of history, the culture of Beijing through long-term accumulation, thick and deep. In the long history of the emergence of numerous cultural celebrities, the multitude of Beijing historical and cultural celebrities, or so, or that produced positive effect to create a culture of Beijing, they will in Beijing's cultural history of dazzling flashing. Beijing has now developed into a comprehensive industrial city, comprehensive economic strength to keep in the forefront of the country. Scale of the third industry in the mainland China first, per capita GDP after Shanghai city in mainland Chinese. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization standards, Beijing has reached the "well-off" society. According to "GroupM · 2011 Hurun Wealth Report" disclosed information shows, by the end of 2010, in addition to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan outside of the country's 31 provinces, city, autonomous regions, the number of millionaires has reached 960000 people. In the rich distribution, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai three the number of millionaires accounted for nearly half of the country. Among them, Beijing has 170000 multimillionaires and 10000 billionaires, ranking first. As generations of the ancient capital of Beijing, for the country people have endless appeal, that almost half of celebrities, most millionaires in Beijing. Then, Beijing and Beijing what is the charm? Fang Q:: Beijing city very valuable; Beijing are filled with "God"; Beijing culture is China "Captain"; the following hiding what kind of essential spirit? Selective absorption, the winner before Beijing is an immigrant city with a high degree of. She is attracting foreign talent, absorbing foreign culture. But Beijing's absorption have a choice, is the implementation of the "preferred" -- can be accepted, toYou don't get into the city. In this regard, Yi Zhongtian made a simple summary:"...... In short, Beijing immigration, always around 'the center of politics', or' academic 'the center; and Beijing's absorption, always with whether' outstanding ', Is it right?' Elite 'scale." Immigration is the result of Beijing enlarged, rich, became one of the world's most beautiful city. Whether Chinese, Japanese, or Europeans, as long as he lived in Beijing a year later, he refuses to go to the other China city to live. Let all things. Does not change its quality in addition to Paris and Vienna (legendary), the world is not a city like Beijing to thought, pay attention to the natural, cultural, flirtatious and life. Lin Yutang once described his heart: "Beijing ancient and modern" accommodating ", inclusive of old school and new school", and the most important is, "Beijing itself has not changed its face". Easy to countless dynasties, Beijing plastic eternal personality, is a kind of simple and grand and magnificent city, not only can all rivers run into sea, has its own unique charm, can become an independent school, do not indulge in self-admiration. Beijing is like a tall tree, its roots are deep in the ground, moisten it nutrition soil not only from the natural environment, but also from the accumulation of several thousand years of rich cultural connotation of Chinese history. So whether nature by various difficulties and hardships, or upside down world the vicissitudes of life, never make it flowers wither, are not convinced it's strength of character. Looking back the history, how many "Heroes" celebrated, but are sadly from the stage of history to retire, many city prosperous, but unable to hide from history and human suffering, for the people, the destiny, who can say? However, the spirit of an era, a group of people's strength, we can clearly feel and touch. And this is what we expect the reader to do. This is Beijing, a jewel of a city! This is Beijing, a group of elite create history! This is the spirit of Beijing, a emanating the infinite charm of strength!
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The first chapter refined businessmen, operating a
1 honest and trustworthy, rules duty
2 educated, Friendliness is conducive to business success.
3 know how to meet the needs of customers.
4 looking for business opportunities, grasp the opportunities
5 inventive, create a fashion
6 in the market to find its own "position"
7 creative thinking, from
8 by the brand to create a miracle
second chapter management concept, the cohesion of the people
1 unique management, effective management system of
2 reasonable regulations,
3 pay great attention to the talents, technology is not exported
4 simplified, simple
5 winning poly only to use them, to produce
6 loyalty is the most important
7 mining talent, winning hearts and minds.
8 cost reduction is an important guarantee for the success of the 9
the old signs, open a new chain of
10 of employees emotional investment
11 heart of compassion, not forget the people
third chapter literature patriots, flashing dazzling
1 people's artists -- Lao
2 Eastern cultural tradition of "inverse" -- Zhao Wuji
3 open a new chapter in the sitcom -- beam Left
4 romantic Knight -- Wang Xiaobao
5 fairy tale poet Gu Cheng
6 ruffian writer -- Wang Shuo
7 Hui female writer Huo Da
8 admirable writer -- Shi Tiesheng
9 literary angel -- Bi Shumin
10 contemporary female writer -- Yang Mo
11 free occupation writer the fourth chapter -- Zhang Chengzhi
the divas, eternal art
1 of the four major parts of the first -- Mei Lanfang
2 wusheng master -- Wang Jinlu
3 performer home -- Jiang Fengshan
4 leaf faction Xiaosheng performing artist Ye Shaolan
5 -- one of the famous four -- Cheng Yanqiu
6 "new Tan" representative -- Yu Shuyan
7 "four great Xusheng" first -- Ma Lianliang
8 four used one -- Tan Fuying
9 performing artist of Beijing Opera -- Yang Baosen < br > 10 fur faction founder -- Qiu Shengrong
11 the tan style name -- Yan Jupeng
12 "Zhang" founder -- Zhang Junqiu
fifth chapter athletes, collar Army National
1.NBA "first in Asia" -- Wang Zhizhi
2 "three kings" of Zhang Lin --
3 all-around champion Teng Haibin --
4 uneven bars princess -- he
5 table tennis a sister -- Zhang Yining
6 "little Zhuge" -- Feng Kun
7 bar Flying Swallow -- Ma Yanhong
8 "stone cold killer" -- Gao Hongbo
9 "the iron hammer" -- Lang Ping
10 never admit defeat the Beijing girl -- Luo Wei
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"Terrible Beijing people": looking back the history, how many "Heroes" celebrated, but are sadly from the stage of history to retire, many city prosperous, but unable to hide from history and human suffering, for the people, the destiny, who can say but an era of spirit, a group of people's strength, we can clearly feel and touch. And this is Zhu Yan's "terrible Beijing people" for you to describe the people of Beijing.
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