Tanhua Yi Flower Festival

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Yue, Wang Xiaoyan, Zhang Yuanjie   Pages´╝Ü139  
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Introduction: "Yue Hua Yang Cai Tan" in the strand of veil Festival origin: tragic beauty legend holiday resort: extension of the space from the folk entertainment to social stage performance from the countryside to Berlin field dry flower arrangement Festival: Festival festival performing scanning hot festive costumes Jie Qingwen holiday memories: changes sign from invisible to visible from the unit to multi from the mountains to the foot of the mountain the conclusion: the depths of the mountains everywhere @##@ Lantana postscript Flower Festival is a traditional festival of the Yi nationality characteristic. Chuxiong territory from the Jinsha River Ailao foothills around Yi generally this rally, second in size only to the torch festival, taking Dayao County Tanhua mountain flower festival is the most grand grand. People dressed in festive costumes, chest inserted dallmar cherry, carrying rice wine food and carnivorous, from from all sides to tan Huashan Millennium Berlin, offering flowers held activities, and mutually inserted cherry horse, said good wishes, to pray for, gather together singing and dancing, all through the night, enjoy happiness. Picture book illustrations, exquisite with text interpretation, presents a panorama picture Tanhua Yi Flower Festival of the intangible cultural heritage.
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  •   The book to buy home, open. Additional disk is bad, give excellent message, asked for a new disk, for two months, still no reply. Excellence is really not reliable.
  •   The author has detailed investigation, better grasp the main features, flower arrangement Festival illustrated, vivid display process, meaning and inheritance of Yi flower festival.
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