Suzhou landscape

Date of publication:2000-8-1   Press: Soochow University press   Author:Wang Jiaju   Pages:290   Words:187000  

"Suzhou landscape" published by the Soochow University press.
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Kohiki good wind will dream Heng Tang Qiao Shi hanging cage rain Shi Hu't let Jinghu above a tower overlooking the deep fine grass on the Wu Shan Lu Yao Feng mountain?? The boat Mudu still can remember the bell tower shadow send inclined the peak is frequently inserted Baiyun gold wave shadow stone lotus God monk trails in the branch Xing Han Shan Shi Jing on the far oblique sunset Jinshan stone gas yellow lion hill cloud misty mountain range rover where 缅古 feeling 暮烟 sparse rain Maple majestic hall breeze Dan Xiao Yi Lu Meihua to Yan Xiwan peak shape dust the Montreal chaos cloud @##@ slanting postscript Suzhou has a long history, the city built since 2500 years, culture is very profound. Be richly endowed by nature, in this beautiful and fertile land, generations of people in the creation of material civilization at the same time, also created the splendid culture of Wu area, and its style and become an independent school in the history of the Chinese culture occupies an important position. Suzhou Ling Shueisiou, gathering of talents. Our ancestors left a rich cultural heritage here. Its rich ancient town, reflected in the garden sites, neighborhood houses and silk, embroidery, craft treasures materialized form rich and colorful, reflected in the Kunqu Opera, Suzhou opera, Pingtan, Wu school, a wide range of art forms, but also in the cultural psychological maturity, the strong cultural atmosphere, etc.. For thousands of years in Suzhou Province, such as the stars of the sky, sparkling. To enrich the rich culture of deep and thick cultural connotation, Suzhou become an important reason for the building of the art district.
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  •   Because is the story of Suzhou's landscape, so I love!
  •   People should know
  •   Collections, I Suzhou fan Oh ~
  •   Look at the painting, of great momentum is a taste, beautiful also has a sense of beauty, can make people more quiet
  •   The money to buy his wife, her love is good, very valuable
  •   The content is very substantial, but a bit boring
  •   See next or last century... No wonder, now book too impetuous, not the taste.
    very with feeling!!
  •   Content can also, more useful
  •   Recent attention and some similar themes such books. Look at the catalogue, feel very political, read the contents, but also, less involvement! A book on this subject can write interesting, but not superficial, not easy. Now want to come, Mr. Lu Wenfu's "old Suzhou" is really excellent!
  •   The book is good, but only four of this, if a set of some words, more perfect.
  •   Interested readers may wish to have a look of the humanities and history, I was attracted to his prose, results...
  •   Seem to be. The authors have not clear estimates of what to say.
  •   Very professional. Application of the theory researchers.
  •   It is a scrap book.

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