Study on regional ethnic and Hakka culture

Date of publication:2008-11   Press: East China University of Science and Technology press   Author:Song Dejian   Pages´╝Ü375  

In China regional culture, Hakka culture is a cover of traditional Chinese philosophy, folklore, religion, art, architecture, broad and profound cultural system, is an important carrier of Chinese traditional essence, with its folk custom of of primitive simplicity and known as the "living fossil" Chinese of traditional culture, so the research history, Hakka anthropology, folklore, sociology, literature, linguistics, aesthetics, architecture, geography and other disciplines, at home and abroad attention. Eastern Meizhou has a "World Hakka city" reputation, is the hometown of Hakkanese shrine, preservation of Hakka cultural resources abundant, has be richly endowed by nature of Hakka cultural geography development. Jiaying University is located in Meizhou City, relying on the resource advantage of Hakka culture, Hakka Research Institute will as main research characteristics, first in the country to set up research -- Hakka Research Institute of professional.
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The general ordered regional groups and the study of the Hakka culture (Preface) re shaping the country stories and "memory" Hakka "History -- a study of Ming Ji Ling Shan Zhai Ji" for the region, two historical problems center seen from Hakka Genealogy groups and leisure culture industry: Taiwan min, Hakka, Aboriginal case "Hakka Studies" Reflection: the rise of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the social status of Hakka heritage topic ideas of Hakka culture in Taiwan see Meixian women from the documents in the female elders: Hakka traditional culture of "harmony" thought of environmental ethics environment and humanistic Hakka people from the perspective of three mountain king worship: the formation of Hakka in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in economic transition and the cause of the Hakka traditional sports and cultural characteristics of the Hakka spirit traits from the Christian burial of Christianity in the Wuhua area of indigenization of Hakka literary creation and criticism from the perspective of natural disasters: under the background of globalization wa Zi Shanghang vision street is an important landmark in the history of Hakka immigrants -- tile Zi Jie immigration and wa Zi Jie examination of globalization, cultural consciousness and culture of Hakka Hakka culture in the perspective of Gannan rural markets in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty Guangdong Northeast forest development and environmental protection -- in Dapu county "Hu Liao Tian Shan Ji" is the center of Hakka folk of wind, Zhuang Taiwan metropolitan Hakka contact phenomenon -- Taipei city and Kaohsiung City, comparative study of Ningdu region in Ming and Qing Dynasties tenant rent activities of Jiaoling Xu Shizong nationality and the river basin of society changes of Meizhou study on system of the ancient village "construction weekly" storm the recognition He Nan Feng "Hengshan hall" test
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