Study on immigration and culture between Fujian and Taiwan Gushi

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Yin Quanhai, Cui Zhenjian, of Kyushu press (2010-09)   Author:Yin Quanhai, Cui Zhenjian   Pages:349  

To foreign elites, the late Tang Dynasty with a central plains that "an Mo to Minyue, Cheng Mo to my male" (referring to Wang Chao, Wang Shenzhi Brothers), then by Wu Yue and Fujian Jingxiang moved far away. In the "Central Plains chaos, with more in the tide", a famous doctor Yang Chengxiu, Zheng Lin, Han Jiang GUI Chuan Yi, Yang Zantu, Zheng Jian, et al. And the Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty king 溥之 Zi Wang Dan, the prime minister Yang She from the brother Yang Yi, renowned scholars Xu Yin, Bo Wang Biao, Si Xun Yuanwai Lang Wang Zheng. A former Hexi Weng Gao, "articles to Jianyang Ju yan". Later Tang Dynasty's brother Li Chongli moved into the Yanping (now Nanping). ① Pianan regime also has "recover" the ambition and intent, common immigration I fondly ancestral hometown. But this desire is generally difficult to achieve. Chu people fight for territory in ancient Central China failed, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Southern Dynasties, song "Northern Expedition" one one failure. Chen Yuanguang and his son for a long time to fulfill legal responsibility, Wang Shenzhi, Wang Yanhan and his son also because of political according to circumstances, can only air plant. Chen and his son went to Zhangzhou with the Ding Ru, successively as 军谘 Fu Jijiu and for the matter Lang Shen physical state, later in the Zhangzhou return. His works are "accent now heard, folk beginning know chun. The police have not pass, the net dust "," in the words of love to, in node. Follow love language is good, ask the fed when frequency. The DPRK and the phase, forget more and Qin "," Hu Tong planting, long is here "the poem, vividly depicts them gradually into the local social scene, but still with a feel helpless and can only reconcile oneself to one's situation of psychological. While immigrants "kittens, but see growth and act in a just and generous manner, who shared the", for they were born and bred, home, apparently will gradually agree.
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Gushi Central Plains culture root dear sing seriously adhere to cooperation and the first part Gushi and Gushi immigration research roots in Xinyang Jiang in the history and geography of Zhou Dai Liao of geography and history of pre Qin period and ancient Gushi comprehensive observation on the migration of ancient Henan four political emigration and its influence on the history of immigration in Gushi and the research orientation zhongyuanheluo people the southern migration of causes and conditions -- Taking Gushi as an example at the end of the Tang Dynasty Gushi people immigrate to Fujian route selection on Tang Dynasty Gushi immigrants from Chen Yuanguang "Zhang" the Tang Dynasty resettlement Dynasty underground refugee society and guest home -- formation of Hakka in the process of the formation of "Gushi symbol" Yu Min chronicles of the Chen Yuanguang native place and the related issues of the large tree immigrants and Kwangju Gushi immigrants in the comparative study of second series of immigrants from Gushi and Fujian and Taiwan Culture on Chen Yuanguang and the development of research on several problems of immigrants on the Gushi Minnan culture formation and propagation effects on the characteristics of Zhang belief system developed by the culture and the folk custom of "open security patrols Zhang sage" belief formation reason analysis of Tang Dynasty history of unmanned repair Zhang Jiang has temple worship general light -- Chen Yuan Zhang and his belief in folk beliefs of "Kwangju Gushi" complex from man to God: the change of the image of Chen Yuanguang cultural interpretation of Chinese literature review Fujian Minnan song age of origin and rheological -- on "row" in Zhangzhou Jia Zi Taiwanese region effect of change and development of Chen Yuanguang to the spring tide area contribute to the development of the Tang Dynasty Zhang don't drive Xu day on the development of the contribution of Zhangzhou Hakka glory -- Taiwan Anti Japanese hero Luo Fu martyr "Taiwan first wit" Lu 赫若 histories and tragedies not disgrace the Hakka ancestors Taiwan good winter Xiao home third Fujian and Taiwan surname Gushi seeking roots of Gushi Zhongyuan family root seeking overview from the historical immigration see Henan, Fujian, table name origin of surnames in Taiwan population and Henan Gushi origin of the relationship between immigration and Taiwan's "mainland" and "hometown Gushi Linquan Min Wang Kai Zhang Sheng Wang" Gushi roots on Gen Wen of Henan and Taiwan, the ancestral home of the surname root culture of Central Plains and the genetic relationship between Gushi historical and cultural resources, mining and utilization of Gushi cultural resources development and utilization of immigration in the past thirty years Gushi roots of "Gushi and Fujian Taiwan relationship Seminar 2009" of postscript @## @ The Chinese nation has a long history, splendid culture, broad and profound history of 5000. From ancient times to the present, there are two culture in Chinese especially from first to last, influence and World Chinese compatriots at home and abroad, to become the Chinese nation emotional spiritual home. One is the dragon culture, it is a symbol of the overseas compatriots and Chinese unity, the unity of the world. Another is the root of culture, it is the Chinese nation emotional attachment to culture, to promote Chinese national sentiment, the cohesion of the Chinese national spirit, has the inestimable function. Gushi because of the history has four large-scale immigrants migrated to the south, and formed unique regional characteristics of root dear culture, also make Gushi and Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, blood, history, the fate is closely linked, become part of overseas Chinese Xiang Guan Zu, known as the "hometown of Chinese origin, Fujian and taiwan". With the rapid development of the cultural industry in the process, the root of Gushi dear culture of the Central Plains culture a miracle, shiny, concern.
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As a "Chinese hometown. One of the main contents of Fujian and Taiwan progenitor land -- the first Chinese root dear Gushi Cultural Festival", "seminar" relations between Gushi and Fujian origin, jointly organized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council "cross-strait relations" magazine, the Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and Xinyang Normal University, in 2009 October 26-27 day was held successfully in Gushi County, received a total of relaxation of Fujian and Taiwan three to more than 40 papers, is the main content of the book. According to the research seminar theme and candidate dissertation, we divided three research unit for Gushi and Gushi, the Gushi immigration and immigrant culture between Fujian and Taiwan, Fujian and Taiwan surname Gushi roots. Such as "Gushi and Gushi immigration research", relates to the textual research and the evolution of history and geography of ancient Gushi letter country, the son of Chen Yuanguang and the late Tang and Wang Shenzhi brothers two large-scale human Fujian history; "research" immigration and culture between Fujian and Taiwan in Gushi, mainly discusses the formation of the Tang Dynasty Gushi immigration and Min Nanwen and its spreading in Taiwan, as well as the folk belief in the "Kwangju Gushi" complex "; Fujian and Taiwan surname Gushi roots study", by origin relation between Fujian and Taiwan surname and the empirical research of Gushi system, as well as the current name Gushi roots activities between Fujian and taiwan. Of course, the research content of each paper is not necessarily and research unit design is completely consistent, belong to the same topic.

"Research" immigration and culture between Fujian and Taiwan Gushi: To study the relationship between the Central Plains and the Fujian Taiwan series
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