Songshan Buddhism and Confucianism

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Workers press   Author:Liu Ke, Miao Meiling   Pages:147   Words:110000  

Songshan composed of Taishi mountain and Shaoshi mountain, and the thirty-six peak, peak code. Spring and summer, Calocedrus towering, winter Snow gleams white., dust as the vast, seventy-two peaks of countless Bitan, silver waterfall, deep valleys, odd holes, Cooper and sweet bird, wisps of mist haunting, a fairyland scene. Lingshan since ancient times many bizarre, remembrance the millennium. Perhaps there is always located in the day, and never to beauty, in the distant ancient times, became China Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism three religious shrine. Since ancient times, Songshan attracts countless people to pursue, to the emperor, down to the common people, what they're looking for what? Someone says, Songshan is the capital China religious culture. There is a beautiful legend and history too much, there are many Buddha, Tao, Confucian shrines, there are so many cents, St, expert. Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism in the Chinese traditional culture occupies an important position. The book consists of six parts, Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism two each part, although some of the content is not perfect, but hopefully this book give the reader in this noisy world bring quiet and cool.
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The first chapter 佛史 River (Chi You) and consciousness (the Buddha) and Li Xue (monk and stone) (the) (reed and straw sandals and destination) (the sixth patriarch and Virginia) chapter two Buddhist imprinted (Princess heart king) (Shaolin Temple) and Buddhist transmission (sweet dew and tiger) (stay visit masters Shaolin Temple and imperial power) () (Anhui and Yuan GUI) (Buddhism) (GEO cultural Songshan geo Buddhist dissemination) chapter three Taoist Outlook (Chinese Taoism origins) (in) (Yue Litian Miriam has Fenglai) (generation of Queen and Chiaki BAI) (iron man) (cry) loyalty Aquarius (mountains four Yue Temple () and mysterious doctrine) Chapter Taoist celebrities (Prince Jin myth) (founder of Taoism) (in) (and) (missionary) (Guiguzi conjecture) the Wu Zhang Song Yang Daru (eager) after (Cheng door and standing in the snow) (two-way tree) (science behind [Sima Guang] [] a gateway to the same physical) Chapter Six Confucian landscape sculpture landscape (time) (colorful plumage) (Qiao Li Tang Monument) Forest of stone tablets (remodeling) (have)
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