Society and culture in contemporary Iran

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Iran, called the Persian, with its mysterious and ancient civilization and rich fine carpet is well known in the world. In 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran is established, theocracy political system in Shiite Islam faith based. Since then, because of its open degree is not high, one-sided propaganda of some western media plus, people have some misunderstanding on Iran. The author of this book through to Iran language and culture learning, research, and live in Iran, work experience, with accurate and reliable information on the Iran social and cultural aspects: politics, economy, religion, art, tourism, social customs...... For the reader, restore the true face of contemporary Iran. Contemporary Iran, especially after the Islamic revolution in Iran is a controversial national America of Bush government called "axis of evil," country, more of the world and the people think this is a mysterious country. In recent years, visited Iran many people have the same feeling, that is the actual situation in Iran is far better than the known. This feeling is due in part to Iran's still open, but should be "attributed" to the 1/4 century western mainstream media Iran distortions and demonize. This book is an author in plain view and describe the contemporary society and culture of Iran works. North of Iran, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, South choke the Persian Gulf to India ocean export, east of the South Asian subcontinent, Arabia in the west world, is a strategic position, but also the world's major cultural crossroads. In modern times, Persia or Iran was powers and the superpower competition places a hotly contested spot, also attracted many scholars to explore the world, gradually formed an important, known as the "Iran school" (IRANOLOGY) discipline. Thus, an immense number of books about the history of Iran, religion, philosophy, literature, art, petroleum, economy works, the study of Iran more and more in-depth and meticulous.
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The first chapter of the first section of natural geography section second complex and diverse climate section third and section fourth population of national administrative divisions and the capital Tehran fifth natural resources sixth language and writing the second chapter the history and civilization of the first splendid ancient civilization second section of medieval period in Iran section third modern Iran fourth Iran fifth Iran third festival of contemporary modern Chapter 1 Iran religious religious situation in section second, the ancient Zoroastrian Festival third Shiite Islam fourth section mainly religious institutions and organizations of fifth religious order system the fourth chapter state system first section and second section of the government of the Islamic republic constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran third Festival Party Chapter fifth external Relations Section of the evolution of the diplomatic policy the second section with American relations with Western Europe and Japan third day fourth festival with the Soviet Union, Russia's relations with Arabia national relations in section fifth section sixth's relations with Central Asia Section seventh with Chinese relationship eighth section of Iran and international organizations sixth chapter first quarter economic structure in economic construction Section second economic development overview section third oil, natural gas fourth section of mining section fifth of agriculture and rural development, financial and trade sixth...... The seventh chapter and eighth chapter of education health and social security system the ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter of women's news media culture art twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter appendix a tourism social customs of the people's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran joint communique in Appendix two of the people's Republic of China government and the government of the kingdom of Iran joint communique appendix three since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the people's Republic of China and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of petroleum cooperation framework agreement in Appendix four of the people's Republic of China and the government of Iran Islamic Republic Government Oil long-term trade agreement the main reference books and materials
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