Sichuan Cultural Development Report

Date of publication:2008-2   Press: Social science literature   Author:Hou Shuiping   Pages´╝Ü430  

"Sichuan Culture Development Report 2007" blue book a comprehensive summary of the Sichuan cultural undertakings and cultural industries, the overall development of Sichuan culture for the first time, a systematic review, based in sichuan. Have the whole world in view, it summarizes the development of Sichuan culture, but also on the global cultural frontier problems of original research. This report is divided into five parts: one is the cultural and ideological construction, analysis of Sichuan Province activities to create harmony, the innovation of philosophy and Social Sciences, humanities and social science scholars and institutions influence etc.. The two is the public cultural service, analysis of Sichuan new think tank construction, construction of public cultural service system, city spirit construction, rural radio and TV public service system development. The three is the development of cultural industries, transformation of national cultural resources of Sichuan culture industry development strategy, adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, culture to the capital, and the advertising industry, film and television production supervision Sichuan development report. Four is the emerging cultural industry, analysis of Sichuan exhibition industry, animation industry, leisure industry, new media, sports tourism. The five is the regional culture report, analysis of five key areas of Chengdu, Suining, Dujiangyan and other cultural development.
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Order of Sichuan Province cultural thought construction of Humanities and social science scholars and institutions influence of Sichuan province report of activities to create harmony research report Sichuan Province philosophy and social sciences innovation report Sichuan Province literature development report twelfth Sichuan Province philosophy social science excellent achievements appraisal report public cultural service of new construction of Sichuan, Sichuan construction of public cultural service system report Sichuan city culture development report of Sichuan rural radio and TV public service system development report Sichuan city spirit construction -- a case study of Chengdu Sichuan Province as an example the development of cultural industry cultural industry development strategy of Sichuan provincial cultural industrial structure adjustment and upgrade of Sichuan Province national cultural resources to capital report Sichuan Province advertising industry development report Sichuan Province, film and television production industry development report of the Sanxingdui cultural industry development research Chengdu Nongjiale development report emerging cultural industry exhibition industry development report Sichuan Sichuan animation industry development report Sichuan emerging media report on the development of sports tourism industry development report Sichuan Sichuan culture festival activities report of the development of leisure industry of Sichuan Chengdu: report of regional culture from the cultural industry to the creative Industry of Suining: the eight wonders of Luzhou "ten major brands: China wine city" culture across Ganzi: national cultural industry as the pillar industry of Dujiangyan: to create "Chinese Western leisure city"
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