"Shu dialect" Shu Zheng Bu

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: Sichuan   Author:Ji Guotai   Pages´╝Ü481  

Cathay Pacific's research interests are extensive. He based on the ancient Chinese this big field, followed the ancient exegesis way, and modern Chinese and Chinese dialects. The research results, the ancient Chinese characters, vocabulary, relates to phonology and grammar. He published in the early 90's "Ju song Guangyun test is" one article, Zhejiang University pH. d.advisor professor Huang Xiaoshan in the "Twentieth Century outline of Tang Dynasty phonology", with Luo Changpei, Zhou Zumo, Zhao Zhenduo Zhu's thesis together are referred to as "an important research in this field". "Proof" the largest patch characteristics different from any other dialect works, is that it is a set of characters, phonology, exegesis knowledge in one of the dialects of copyright. The author told me, "(Shu dialect) proof fill" take him more than a decade, has made many times he felt and try to stop but cannot be mentally and physically exhausted. "(Shu dialect) proof fill" made a lot of research work based on the original words of explanation, the integrated use of text, phonology, exegesis of knowledge, not only to correct the error in the original works, but many have found, the invention. The book hit the nail on the head, explain profound theories in simple language, the theory will be beneficial to the readers. This "kuangmiuzhengsu" work is very meaningful and valuable, but also very difficult and hard, make it the author said he "repeatedly feel and try to stop but cannot be mentally and physically exhausted".
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  •   The author's correction seems to have overlooked some dialect vocabulary.
  •   Have a look the ancient Sichuan people is how to say in words, is also interesting.

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