Shilong Bai Xiang drama

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Dong Xiutuan   Pages:166  

"Folk vaguely melancholy, Xiang drama Yiyi giggling in the." Four seasons and eight solar terms, sang Xiang drama on the stage in the Xiang Bai village customs. The old village of Bai Xiang stage, is the villagers fund-raising, offer your material, and hire skilled workmen built into the. A unique new stage after the completion of the project, will be a "new" ceremony. This immaterial culture unique show strong national characteristics of the Bai people and simple folk customs, in this book, a convergence of Shilong Bai Xiang drama culture bit by bit of Xiang opera will be on stage.
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Many people play the song class clothes color wish birthday the children enjoy life though hard up time to greet new year high mountains Lin Shilong folklore is deep, thick white Xiang grace by the principal, the Spring Festival Xiang drama stage play this Spring Festival, the man of God altogether amusement Qing harmonious heart Xiang drama stage and veteran Gao Tuxi to wish birthday and all women and children once the first to gather first, permanent god Buddha visited a vow drinking blood wine, sincere please old Lang God first skillfully play jump mammon, valuable advice to the founding and bless and promotion, the joy of music and play the same sweep the Old Dan Taiwan, welcome visitors and see them off now thank god suddenly made Jun suddenly made his official voice is a virtual wealth I the husband I wedding festivities are false airflow towards women for Da Saro, Mu Tang Emperor Tang Sheng end clown, take turns on go backstage gay, eager to debut a matter of conscience respect st praising big song played by ancient grace pass through the ages, ethics and our day Liufang homogeneous appearance, unite in a concerted effort longevity class song is song also make human more. In the more wonderful play the play on the play judge science more play more fragrant plays not only to watch the scene of bustle, and God is really fun to folk culture must inherit, development of intangible cultural heritage. Postscript
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